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mastodon is idiotic, like, it's extremely hard to follow anyone outside an instance.
you can't even figure out what's the syntax of your own handle. And it fucking plays reverse with multi @ sign.

and the mastodon idiots expect average people to, wow, let's move from twitter?

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> it's extremely hard to follow anyone outside an instance.

You can use the search to find people, and then subscribe from the right-most column. I don't know whether that is intuitive to new users. https://nu.federati.net/attachment/43028

@xahlee i think the mastodon usership is not drawn by (nor terribly negatively impacted by) what we'll politely call whimsical design choices. Whatever its shortcomings, its not twitter, and its not algorithmically filtered, nor providing the kind of metrics about users that Twitter can harvest. Small price to pay, really.

@jeremiah yes. but there are sjw on sjw instances, they are like: “welcome twitter users, if this is first time, blab blab”.

@xahlee sure, it's a different UI -- but just looking at the traffic flow in multiple languages, the barrier to adoption doesn't seem particularly high... and there _are_ a fairly large number of users over the larger federation...

@jeremiah there's also the question if mastodon is going to be niche. If so, well, there never lacked a niche social network in the first place. there's grand old irc for instance.

@xahlee if mastodon's goal is to replace twitter -- well, fail-whale. If the goal is to offer an alternative that can be tailored to any given community -- it's a small success now... I'd love to see data on adoption / dwell rates over time...

@jeremiah i agree it's some success, and i do love it being not centralized, and not with who-knows-what tracking and manipulation schemes. i wish it replace twitter, facebook.

i just feel sad that the nerds are actively preventing it from becoming more popular. All sort of UI decisions, naming, n starry-eyed perceptions on how social works. eg linux.

and compare to Second Life, or some MMOG, twitch? at any time may have more users online.

@xahlee That's the beauty of the model -- we can run our own nodes, and for that matter, fork the code and fix what we see as deficiencies. As a non-twitter user, I'm actually satisfied with the UX (more or less.)

There could even be a separate federation putting free speech above feels and ideology, which, I suspect, will happen if the network continues to grow.

I didn't realize Second Life was still a thing. Last I read was about disabled people using it heavily.

@xahlee not that I disagree with you, but twitter is a piece of shit too.

@newt yeah. 'was a little rant, i do wish mastodon replace twitter and facebook.