I used to get discouraged about the direction our society and government are going (politics is downstream from culture). But I have finally decided to sit back, point and laugh at the people tearing civilization apart. Barring a miracle, the occurrence of which I don't discount, there's nothing to do but relax and watch the end of liberty and civilization. It won't get better until it hits bottom and the people tearing it apart have destroyed themselves.

@mcc1701 Move to the sticks first, then pop the popcorn.

@SirSeanofSlovakia @mcc1701 1. How are Slovakia's US expat rules if one has their own income? 2. Can you compare a place in the US with similar cost of living prices for reference?

@neanderthalsnavel @SirSeanofSlovakia I have no idea about expat rules. I live in western Pennsylvania, which is a fairly low cost-of-living area. The government's annoying, but its not the worst state govt. in the country.

@neanderthalsnavel I have been here since 2007. I love it. I don't work because i don't need to.

Cost of living 1 year in USA = 2.5 years in the big city, Bratislava. 4 years if you live in the middle of no where like I do.

One day the money may run out and I need to get a job, as a permanent resident I can. I hope that day does not arrive but if it does so be it.

Retirement is wasted on the old. The last 19 years have been great.

@neanderthalsnavel very much so, you would be welcomed whole heartedly by the grandma's in any village you lived in. The church is big with the over 50's here. They have loudspeakers outside as some come for mass but stay outside smoking while the wife, mom, grandma is inside.

The climate and landscape are equal to Vermont in many ways.

I will always be able to find work teaching English.

@SirSeanofSlovakia Alright! Sold! Two more years of high school to finish. Then we're coming over to live there a month to check it out. What cities should we visit to be a tourist in? We like old churches, old architecture, and museums.

@neanderthalsnavel Only two major cities (400-550k people) Kocise in the east which I have been to a few times and was like, ok. Bratislava is in the west, 40 mins. to Vienna Airport, 60 min. city center to city center.

Smaller places to visit in SK are, Myjava, Orava, Lip. Mikulas, Presov.

If you come please contact me before so I can give you tips, advice, etc.

In a month you could see all of Slovakia and also go to Budapest, Prague, Vienna, and Salzburg as well.

Dropping in invitation to wroclaw poland with direct connection from prague.


@SirSeanofSlovakia @neanderthalsnavel

If im still before vacation, i might offer stay in spare space of my place etc plus guide round town etc.

@SirSeanofSlovakia @neanderthalsnavel
Btw slovakia is probably best option in region here to retire however much i preferred i could say this about poland. The differences though are minimal. Czehia is also very based.

@SirSeanofSlovakia @neanderthalsnavel

Note czehia biggest party in parliament is called pirate party and its very friendly towards dudes named bens.

@SirSeanofSlovakia Very nice. Eventually the woke mobs will come over those hills to burn it and you. Give them worse than you get... but until then enjoy that view. I'm enjoying mine.

@mcc1701 the problem with that mindset is simple. What is bottom? Now you got transgender going after their own, ultra left tearing away at the left, same vica versa. Is it the roaring 20s?

@Harambe619 The bottom is when those who are tearing it all down have consumed themselves with their own hate. Only when they're gone or have realized how evil they have unknowingly been and change can a new civilization be built. In the meantime, laughing at them is the thing they hate most.


I learned about this technique in a parenting class: Natural Consequences! 🤸‍♂️

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