"Everybody Is Freaking Out": Freelance Writers Scramble to Make Sense of New California Law

A new bill that caps freelance submissions may make writing financially unsustainable for many workers even though the legislator behind the law insists that the goal is "to create new good jobs and a livable, sustainable wage job."

@jeremiah looooooooool get fucked journos

Especially great because that's where all the cancerous journos are
@coolboymew @jeremiah
California's the home of good republicans (Nunes), but also bad democrats (Pelosi, Feinstein).

@coolboymew @jeremiah

you are perhaps mistaking entitled bloggers who can't spell even WITH spellcheck, for "journalists".

@coolboymew not all. in fact, i challenge you to show me a place where there are no cancerous journos...

California is to America as France is to Europe.
Expect more of these absurd laws (there's one trying to minimize servings of cold sandwiches to students in debt to Sodexo) as the banksters have dominated California.
@jeremiah California was the real life inspiration for Atlas shrugged, lol

It seems the person that wrote this isn't a freelance writer. The idea is if you are working so much for ONE publisher then maybe they should just hire you and pay you benefits. Not sure I agree but it does fit in with the rest of the law and they have been talking about it for awhile so why the "surprise"?

@harvhat The surprise is that the people paid to be concerned are sleeping at the switch. As to the law -- if California were a country, this would make sense. Since people, including Californians, can hire non-Cal writers, this is an unforgivably stupid and ham-handed attack on the state's creative class.

@jeremiah I think the people looking into and reporting on on it were too busy playing up the uber/lift angle for clicks to notice how it would affect them. Probably because they never actually to any research. Maybe they need to start do higher quality work that's worth more then $25 a shot. But as JCD said on the show today it's an unconstitutional law anyways.

@jeremiah it doesn't even make sense how you could legislate such a thing

@Johnny_of_the_swamp First, smack yourself in the head repeatedly with a pipe-wrench. From there, election in California is a given with very little effort. All that's left is to grab a crayon and start drafting idealistic legislation...

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