So this is a problem, and if unchecked, cancerous.

Feature request: autoblock anything matching a given regular expression. For example, "==> Toot Sponsor:"

Also, fuck UPraeger. I wanna punch you in the EliteGut.

@jeremiah alternately: copy/paste "toot sponsor" lines, replace hyperlink with something offensive, toot like crazy



=> Toot Sponsor:
/Toot Sponsor

@jeremiah I think it would work better if you kept the Amish eggs because then you're linking nambla directly with the sponsor's product.

I support your mission, fedi should resist spam advertising of this kind. They wouldn't try to pull this shit on other, bigger platforms imho

@Grandtheftautism It wouldn't bother me that they advertise but for the fact that the weight (bandwidth) is paid for by the average people, precisely so that we have control over, among other things, advertising content.

An alternate strategy is basically DDoS, where we get everyone to click on advertisers links, pound reload (or script something) to drive their bandwidth bill with no corresponding lift in sales; then they want rid of the deadweight.

Check this out:

@jeremiah I've participated in things like this before, not gonna lie, and the only flaw is, somebody else gets to choose who goes on the blacklist. It only takes 1 shitlord to turn a valiant thing into a fiasco and I fear this could be subverted for political purposes. Also I'm pretty sure it's illegal but that never stopped me.

@Grandtheftautism short form: basic p2p network, TTL packets. email is scanned, message bodies and URLS before the ? are hashed, then sent out to the network like a search. When enough responses come back, (or enough queries of the same hash are received) the URLs are unlocked and get intermittently pounded -- ONLY BY NODES WHO RECEIVED THEM. Not a proper DDoS. :-) The trick is threshold -- how many X before the nodes act. Per-node config... I'd say it's worth a go...

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