When your country is so proud of one thing, it really means something.

@newt "Miko, the talent agency called. They believe you have a face that can sell bidets. Also, rent is due."

@jeremiah look, I wanna buy one even without a pretty face on an ad. Can you imagine how awesome it is to put your ass on a pre-warmed stall in the morning? This alone makes in totally worth it.

@newt A big wet turd falls from the sky and lands on your hand. Do you want a paper towel, or do you want running water?

I would think they'd sell themselves; but once they have to start differentiating themselves...


@jeremiah it's a thing about japanese culture. Imagine living in a small apartment with several other people, and the only place you can be alone is the toilet. You would want the experience to be as comfortable as possible, wouldn't you? Hence these things.


@newt there's actually been some issues with the Chinese border simply because Russia has more border than border guard. This would be a prime time to amke a deal... I mean, they sold Alaska...

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@jeremiah russkies actually don't have a very long border with China. There's Outer Mongolia in the way.

@jeremiah I'm not sure I believe political journalism anymore. But then again, I don't really care.

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