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Manger en dernier pour les enfants qui n'utilisent pas la biométrie dans leur école. Ouais ok. Ça veut aussi probablement dire manger sans ses ami.e.s j'imagine. Quel beau levier pour que les enfants suggèrent très fortement à leurs parents d'accepter.


Xil @Xil

I'd say Merde Nondeju in dutch.
So the french culture of serving meals in schools is now turning into this.
Isn't being white and nonmuslim against magreb and thus criminal enough biometrics to show who's a threat and who isn't?
This is all typical french cuckoldry reaction to the "terrorist threats".
Is it known which company is going to deliver the biometrics system? How strong is their lobby?
What if you don't want to eat the chemtrailed poison served?

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