@Johncdvorak Protection from sunburn AND dust storms! A deal at twice the price.

@Johncdvorak Except, instead of 72 virgins, we get 2 jabs in the arm.

@Johncdvorak "The terrorists want to take our freedom" -George W Bush
@djsumdog truer words are rarely spoken once one realizes who, exactly, are the terrorists @Johncdvorak


for anyone considering this purchase, I have a question; why even bother to breathe?

Seriously, if someone thinks that the annual flu strain (that happened to come out of China- an outbreak could have started anywhere) is now here to stay. Why bother doing anything to survive? Surely wearing this forever is not living. SMDH

@Johncdvorak these are very useful while riding motorcycles, dirt bikes, atvs, snowmobiles and the like. Keeps the face warm and cuts down on how much dust you eat.

@Johncdvorak No one will ever get sick until they have to come out of their bubble.

It's basically the matrix

@Johncdvorak I love the irony of using an attractive young model for this product.

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