No Agenda Social#swift

It's a mixed feeling to add new object storage servers to an #openstack #swift cluster and to see it just gobble them up & hardly make a dent in free'd capacity because new data is coming in almost as quickly as it's being shuffled around to balance the cluster.

On one hand, I'm happy that we have continuous growth, on the other hand I'm facepalming because we'll have to go and acquire more equipment again.

wow, you Moosetodonians sure like your media.

Our #swift container has ~300k objects, and almost 100GB so far!

Testing the new MastodonKit method for updating a Mastodon profile #MastodonKit #Swift #MastoDev

Added #OpenStack #Swift support for our mastodon instance, so our public files will be backed by object storage + CDN enabled πŸ€“

Any eyeballs/eyespheroids would be helpful. Because again, I don't know anything about ruby or rails.

Developing in

#c++ #cxx
#java (android)
#swift (sometimes)

Trying to learn #haskell

Also trying to avoid #javascript

#developers of the fediverse, state your languages so we can connect!

I'm hearing interesting things about #Swift lately. Should I be learning it instead of #Python? I'm an amateur coder, and that's being generous.