NIH now officially recommends Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc to prevent and treat Covid-19. Another one of my "far right conspiracy theories" checked off the list

""According to a WHO report, zinc deficiency is responsible for ~1.4% (0.8 million) of annual deaths"

800 thousand people a year to zinc deficiency alone? Wheres the outrage here? Wheres the mandatory blood tests and proper nutrition?!

"Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO suggested social isolation as a measure for restricting the spread of the virus. This measure may also contribute to the reduction in serum vitamin D levels because confinement and possible lack of exposure to the sun prevent the endogenous production of this hormone, reducing the body's capacity to fight COVID-19"

@zzyp this proof of how compromised the Medical institutions have become. Doctors were actually sending Covid patients home with no mentioning of a vitamin protocol. Government healthcare officials have been blatant about their refusal to recommend their own researched treatments that they are fully aware exists.

@zzyp this is cool, because I've been taking this combination for the 18 months and everyone I know thinks I'm just randomly following the advice of bitchute and odyssee videos. My sister is big deal medical person and told me to start on this in the before-times. Now I'm vindicated, until next week when a new study comes out and vindicates my detractors.

@zzyp I came-down with the KungFlu (and was legit sick, not just a BS positive PCR test)... in JANUARY 2021 - and as someone who 1) was 55 and 2) almost got taken-out by the H1N1 (pneumonia, serious) in 2009 was pretty freaked-out about it

Nobody - no. fucking. body. - suggested that I supplement with Zinc and Vitamin D. They basically told me to go home and rest, and to go to the hospital if I have trouble breathing

People need to hang for this bullshit

@DoctorBoom I heard about it from Jim Breuer saying that's what his doctor told him to do on Rogans show


The study was from Dec, 2020 and only SUGGESTS these vitamins might be helpful, “…in the absence of a vaccine…”


@zzyp about time. @adam and @john ahead of the curve again

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