The guy who spent the last year trying to force us all to get a vaccine that doesn't work is now giving a speech whining about "medical freedom", at the same time blaming it on Trump for appointing the SCOTUS justices that voted on this and trying to turn this into a reason to vote blue in November. Jesus Christ this guy is a fucking cocksucker

@adam @Johncdvorak that clip you played of the British journalist saying they were "enjoying" record high inflation ....
He was actually saying "enduring"

"What Is A Woman" full documentary on YouTube, legit link (not my upload)

I don't think I can ever take Dvorak's opinion seriously on anything ever again after I just heard him call Iron Maiden "horrible metal music"

There was a federal ban on assault weapons when Columbine happened

Finally got on Truth Social. Immediately got 8 followers within seconds. The couple people on there I followed (guys who got kicked off Twitter) aren't even using it

@adam you were talking about 2000 Mules and why Fox and Newsmax won't cover it. I was listening to Gavin McInnes' podcast (he is friends with Tucker Carlson), and Gavin said he asked Tucker about it. Tucker said Fox won't go near it because they're afraid of being sued by Dominion, who are apparently extremely litigious.

@adam Do NOT use Charmin toilet paper in a septic tank! It's the absolute WORST brand to use because it doesn't break up easily and will clog up at the end of the main pipe that empties into the tank from the house. The best TP for a septic tank is Scott, but it's not very soft and fluffy, it's kinda like that cheap stuff you see in a public bathroom

"If you took the vaccine and got sick, it's your own fault, no one made you take it" is the new narrative

"What's the advantage for Chris Rock to go along with this if it was staged?"

I'm calling it right now: next Moe Facts is a 3 hour episode about how this shit was staged and why they used two black actors to do it

>actor goes on TV and cries

General public: "he was CRYING! If that was staged then he's the greatest actor of all time!"

Literally all anyone on TV or social media is talking about (even here) and people are still wondering what the "upside" would be for staging this whole thing

For fucks sake people how can you be NA listeners and not immediately realize this?

The Will Smith Chris Rock shit was staged. Anyone who thinks that was real is a fucking retard

It doesn't get any dumber than this....Biden literally says "there will be a new world order" and Youtube flags it as a "conspiracy theory"

@adam here is the link to the particular clip that was flagged

Oh Lord, Dvorak just called it "Defiant L-S" lol

If you think you can come into MY house, in the middle of the night, sneak And creep up the stairs into MY room, where I sleep, pull the sheets off of my bed, exposing me NUDE? And put Mexican-style spicy hot sauce down my WEENIE HOLE? If you think you can do that, then we're not gonna be good friends, you and me. We're not gonna be very good friends. Because, because of the part where you put the hot sauce into my weenie hole. That's the part that I don't like

Does anyone else find all the Ukraine talk incredibly boring? Good lord I just don't care anymore

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