Who else caught Sanjay Gupta's vaccine/virus slipup on Rogan?

How the Hell does Rogan do this without snapping and just screaming at this dude?


I was really hoping that when Megyn Kelly asked @adam to give her Bitcoin 101 that he would have said "they say all hell's gonna break loose...and you're gonna need a bitcoin!"


Chris Rock: "I don't know what's in Tylenol! I don't know what's in a Big Mac!"

Also Chris Rock:


NIH now officially recommends Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc to prevent and treat Covid-19. Another one of my "far right conspiracy theories" checked off the list


@adam @Johncdvorak and here's one more interesting piece of video that came out a while ago just in case you're interested, someone leaked a seminar that Stern held where he basically outline what, why, and how he wants to completely change the show


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@adam @Johncdvorak ...and Stern going on America's Got Talent was part of the push to change his image so he could start getting guests like Hillary Clinton and Ellen. He wants to be taken "seriously" as an interviewer now, and I'm sure he's jealous of Joe Rogan because Joe is basically what Howard wishes he was now.

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@adam @Johncdvorak I heard you bring up Howard Stern and what turned him into a "woke" asshole. Well it wasn't his wife, it was a woman associated with Stern's favorite book "Getting Things Done" named Marci Turk. She came on, fired half of the staff, told them to stop booking comedians, and basically turned the show "woke". The GTD book has an almost scientology-like following. PageSix wrote a good article about it years ago:


The greatest magic trick Penn Jillette ever did was making you think he was a libertarian

This shit is so fucked up I can't even get through today's show because they aren't talking about what just happened since it obviously was announced right after the show was recorded. It seems like discussing anything else is so meaningless right now

Remember that "doctor" in Oklahoma who claimed his hospital was being "overwhelmed" with people overdosing on Ivermectin? Here's an official statement from the hospital


Dude, you drink water? They feed that to livestock

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