Damn it’s hot and i like it
Air 91.4F 🥵
Pool 80.6F
House 78F


Nice 👍🏻
For once Switzerland is hotter than NYC 😜

@wyliesau @Smeeagain you’re getting the the American heat wave now.

Switzerland’s turn! 😆

@neanderthalsnavel @zoon @wyliesau @Smeeagain

“Nonetheless, rather than let people take responsibility for themselves – to hydrate or stay home – French officials are comfortable deciding for them,” writes Mike Campbell at the Counter Signal. “Indeed, democratic governments seem comfortable stripping citizens’ freedoms for safety as of late.”


@wyliesau @YoungBlood @neanderthalsnavel @zoon @Smeeagain

The increased use of air-conditioners and fans was forcing France to import electricity from neighbouring countries, grid operator RTE said.

They export to Switzerland. I guess it cant be that dire when EDF exports 1.5GW during late afternoon.


@CapitalB @wyliesau @YoungBlood @neanderthalsnavel @Smeeagain wow.

It’s never happened before apparently.

Hottest on record in 2022…… [record needle scratches]

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Ok this is statistics. How long was it in the 30ies? Integrate over all hours and days. Account for numbers of almost dead old ppl (all heat waves kill of a few hundred in Switzerland every summer).
Think of architecture. Yes this is not ACC but any increase in forcing and no resilience leads to deaths and no productivity for weeks.
2 weeks are 3 to 5% (!) less gross output.

So what is your point?

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