I’m making pizza tonight. Throwing my own dough, baking on stone.

What kind should I make?

@ChristiJunior @zoon

Satan's cross points to Hell
The earth I must uncover
A passion grows to feast upon
The frozen blood inside her

@radix023 I do have a rather large (15” I think) cast iron skillet, and I’ve always wanted to cook on a pizza steel but didn’t want to shell out the money for one. Maybe this would be a nice compromise between the two. Thank you!

@zoon @radix023 I bought a (I think) 20" cast iron pizza pan on Amazon. Works very nice.

@zoon In terms of simplicity, pepperoni is tried and true.
If I were to make my own pizza, it would be with a white garlic sauce, a bunch of different veggies, and choice meats on top.

@zoon ooof we did a grilled pork, grilled onion and apple slices on BBQ sauce the other night it was off the CHAIN!!!

But pepperoni and sausage will never ever let you down no doubt

@SirSpencer hmmmm maybe sausage, onion, bbq and apple slices.

What sort of apple?

@zoon I did a honeycrisp, they have a good texture for it

@zoon for breakfast you can try a pizza with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and scrambled eggs. Add everything bagel seasoning.

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