@zoon I have a Canadian co-worker who would always bust my balls over Trump. Guess they only get CNN up there. He believed all the M5M lies.

Yet he says nothing about what is now going on in Canada.

Yo @CarBlanez33 if you need help escaping please let us know 🤗 love is lit

@zoon they forgot massive, strict gun control and loads of people forced into internment camps at secret locations.

@zoon I kept hoping that people in this country would wake up. That the lies would become so obvious and egregious that even the wilfully blind wouldn't be able to ignore them any more. That's not going to happen. Too many have become used to their cages, and shudder at the 'dangers' of freedom. The country is lost. Some may wake up yet, but it will be too late.

@zoon Not to mention some Ugandan bitch appointed in Alberta to say "hmmm looks like systemic racism" while her people in uganda have reopened their slave markets and criminalized homosexuality right after decolonizing.


Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK are all like this....weird, eh?

elections weren't suspended. Major parties agreed not to call an early fed elections. If we did have election today, we'd be in even deeper shit, since libs would likely win a majority.

@zoon i wish the US would just annex us already and get this over with

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