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I got the Epoch Times paper yesterday and decided to commit to do a time lapse remembrance run for the 13 killed US soldiers killed in action.

If interested please feel free to watch.

For all you active, on standby personnel or retired vets, thank you for your service. Reading and seeing it touched me yesterday.

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New episode of The Spoken Word just posted:

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Episode 27: Head or Tails, Which Is It?


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Oh Baby!!!

It's HERE!

Just look at it! It's soooooo cuuuuute!!

@Johncdvorak , Does it make you sleepy John? Would this induce a comfy sense of relaxation?

This is TECHNO, John. Just for you.

Well..for NAS.

So I present to you the 5th installment of NAS COMM EDM! Woot!

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I hope you enjoy you sassy peeps!

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New episode of The Spoken Word just posted:

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Episode 18: Dissolution - A Poem Inspired by Interstellar - The Movie



I logged the reps and then was going to strip another 10 lbs so I could finish a set at 5 reps good form.

But I didn’t even strip the original 10 lbs. it was the same weight as the third set. Because I THOUGHT the weight was lighter, I was able to pull 4 reps as opposed to 3 reps.

Mental dynamics has a big play in what you think you can do and what you actually can do.

Get out of your own way and seize what’s rightfully yours.

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Don’t let your mind get in the way of your potential.

I posted earlier that a 10 mile race was being replaced with a 15K race. That might deter people, but it’s less distance.

Today I experience the same thing in dead lifts. At my third set, I could only pull the weight 3x. I figure okay, too much weight to pull 5 reps, so I’ll strip off 10 lbs. During my fourth set I pulled 4 reps. I figured maybe it was because I only had 1 minute rest and I was still fatigued from third set.

Tough Mudder Classic 10 miler is being replaced with Tough Mudder 15K (9.3 miles) + 30 obstacles.

Less distance in case 10 miles was a psychological barrier to entry for you.

Consider the fun. Consider the dirty.

@Lennoxxreverb @CarBlanez33

That guy you had clips on show 220 about fingering cops sounds a lot like this guy from the Netflix show Rust Valley Restorers. Was it?

The inaugural RUN ZEN SWEAT video.

Music bed: Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt by DJ Steam

h/t @g33ksquared for the new music. Freaking stellar! 💫

Anyone remember the name of that paid search engine that Adam mentioned a few months back?

This was a funny page in the BR book. The highlighted portion is relevant for this group. 🤣

Who knew!?

Man, I score 2 white balls in Powerball!

Come on, man!!

Buying tonight. Up to $472,000,000.

Fave workout. Legs.

Felt WEAK AF. Tired. Kinda out of breath, sweating like crazy.

Days l like this are normal. Just show up. That’s like 90% of it. Diet is the other 90%.

And top it off with some sleep. About 33%.

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