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New episode of "The Spoken Word" podcast just published:

Ep. 41: Mirrors and Indra's Net

I am You, and You are I.

We are Sacred Mirrors of Each other, and it is the relationship between each other, no matter how brief or long, that helps to fill in the memory gaps of who we are as The Grand Self.

You are the entire Universe, compressed to a Single Consciousness, surrounded by an infinite versions of yourself.

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New episode of The Spoken Word just posted.

Ep. 40 - Thread the Needle

Fantasy is the Real Reality. It's still manifesting.

How do we bring it forward, faster?

Thread the Needle

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New episode of The Spoken Word just posted.

Episode 39: Moksha

What in the heck is Moksha? This word came to me randomly and I had a revelatory experience during my solo 15 km Tough Mudder race on 4/30/2022.

Suddenly today, I had an epiphany or flash of insight. It all came together, like pieces of a puzzle.

Love is Lit ♥️ 🔥

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I am living proof that women prefer a guy who is funny way more than a guy who is good looking. And if you can cook you are golden.

*I miss skiing and this is a fav. photo from the season.

I want to take a nap in the airport so baaaaaaad. 1.5 more hours to wait to board.

Interdasting observation:

Looking at a Scientific American article and notice the off text.

Zoom in and it says ADVERTISEMENT. Nearly imperceptible and easily skipped. Is this ethical?

Seems really sketch.

TL;DR 100 liters a day from the air, no power DIY using bamboo

New WhiteBoard- Eternal Motivation
Now someone needs to wander by...


Congratulations on another successful orbit around the Day Star! 🎂🥳🎉

Great Meetup last night at The Royal American meeting The PodFather @adam . Thank You @jennifer for being such a Lovely and Gracious Hostess!!

Hey No Agenders!

It was my honor to meet so many of you in person in Charleston! I loved to see so many familiar usernames! Y'all aren't bots!!!!

Love is lit!


Q. Is Creepy Joe Biden going to be a successful leader?
A. Absolutely No. He is a masked 😷 mumbler & shuffler in Chief.

Let's take a look at just one aspect of successful Trump leadership - foreign relationships.

Can we see frail Beijing Biden traveling internationally & getting celebrated with parades, rallies, & the RED CARPET treatment?

Again, answer a definite No.

I proudly appreciate what Trump did for this country and the respect he earned and received during his tenure.

Astronomy News
Partial Solar eclipse time-lapse compressed into one photo 🌙✨

A good book, a pup chewing on a bone and birds chirping outside the window. Its going to be a great day! Happy Tuesday NAS!

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