Thank you Dr. Zelenko for all you accomplished and for countless saved lives. Rest in peace 🙏❤️

Just finished watching "Kingdom of the Spiders" (1977), starring William Shatner. I remember watching this shit as a kid on cable TV. Just as wonderful and awful as I remember. Brilliantly Shitty Bill Shatner.

TIL Bobby Sherman is still alive. Perhaps we should ask him what to do?

I would love to go visit Big Sur one day, but I can't afford California anymore.

I am trying to learn a bit about bicycle maintenance, but who would have thought that Bicycle Spokes were so complicated?

"If you want a perfect example of toxic masculinity, it is what [Putin] is doing in Ukraine."

-Boris Johnson

I'm going to tell my grandkids this was Norman Rockwell.

Chinese used fake social media accounts in influence campaign against proposed rare earth mineral plant. The plant was to be built in Texas by an Australian company.

I got $10 of free shitcoin for taking some online quizzes.

Did you hear? I got $6 of free shitcoin for taking some online quizzes.

That's right, $3 of free shitcoin for taking online quizzes.

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