It took me a minute, so to spell it out for other slow people like me, they removed the percentage calculation, and removed the commentary about the results being within expected rates.

Hence this:

However, no proportion could be determined for the risk of spontaneous abortion among participants vaccinated before 20 weeks of gestation because follow-up information was not yet available for the majority of those persons.

Posted job listings on Noagendacareers. The company I work for doesn’t require vaccines. Great opportunity for anyone looking to get into sales. Great pay and unlimited bonus structure. Yearly Cancun trip. Pay your airfare and they cover the rest. 3 day music festival with open bar. 😯. Contact me please for the referral. Top 5 referral employees get to go back stage. Im trying to meet Post Malone/Rufus/Weezer. Lol. Here’s the link.


When you have a generation that can no longer be shocked due to overstimulation from political outrage, degenerate pornography, designer drugs, and ultraviolence, where does that leave the human population?

Accustomed to freedom from restraint, will the pendulum thus swing to max restraint? Is that the crux of Covid tyranny?

Perhaps getting out ahead of the next pendulum swing is in order: how to convince a nation of terrified deviants to open up and breath normally, without fear?

Covid causes kidney failure? 🤔

Houston rapper Scarface gets life-saving kidney transplant from son after COVID-19 battle


Sometimes you have to resort to alternative tactics to win the battle.

Every time I try to read a Russian novel the characters always have two distinct names: one is usually something along the lines of Gregory Grigorivich, and the other name is something shorter and very different, like Ivan... And they are used interchangeably. Very confusing.

Oh no, the bastards got Laura Loomer! 😟

She says she is taking a Hydroxychloroquine protocol. Stay strong, Crazy Woman!

@john @zonz

@bigl0af and I have been discussing this on jitsi. They own the network and have all the guns. I wish a cyberpunk anarchist future was possible but not under the current world order.

@zonz I wish he would elaborate on exactly what steps the state can take to kill bitcoin which is a decentralized global network/asset.

I really want to take the crypto plunge, but talk like this freaks me out:

“I think at the end, of the day if it’s really successful, they’ll kill it. And they’ll try to kill it. And I think they will kill it because they have ways of killing it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place—a value and so on."

-Ray Dalio, billionaire investor and founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund


When you've gone through a two-week fentanyl & porn binge and then realize you have to be at a public event in two hours:

When some people quit their job, they send a sheepish email and then quietly leave their positions. Others will calmly give their boss the standard two weeks' notice. Still others will quit on the spot and walk off. And a very few will make an angry spectacle.

Then there's this guy:

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