Seen in Torrance, CA, yesterday: regular at $7.59 cash/ $7.69 credit

I keep thinking people here are talking about network attached storage, until I remember NAS is just NoAgendaSocial lol

Am I the only one who simply remembers all his passwords or does a "forgot password" 5 times a month?

I like Stage Manager! Although I'm a Exposé/MissionControl diehard

Am I the only one who thinks these non-live Keynotes are corny AF?

I like the new power adapter with two USB-Cports, though. That is cool

Still think I purchased my 16" MBP Max at the right time

enhanced Apple Carplay feels like AppleTV for your car

can anybody recommend a good primary care physician accepting new unvaxxed patients? in the Los Angeles South Bay area, thanks

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Did anyone check into that mentioned on the show?

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