@adam I use the term dumb fucks jokingly, mainly thats is because how the media treats gme longs.

Has anyone watched Inside Job? I started it recently and didn't have time to watch it. At first I was like this is just big hollywood blame republican garbage but they actually talked about how glass steagall repeal messed everything up, which surprised me they actually discussed it.

@adam further I'd like to point out there are very large players in the long side of GME and two of the biggest is Blackrock and Vangaurd. Both of which you discussed on the housing situation two episodes back.

People guying GME aren't a bunch of dumb fucks. There is real evidence to show why someone would take that risk. This is going on six months. Its really wild to see. Bearnie Bros agree with fox news takes and classic republicans seeing how rigged the whole system is.

@adam I'm about 30 minutes into yesterdays NA and had to send this message. You guys are missing a huge opportunity by not covering this GME situation. There is a very large group of 16-30 year olds that are figuring out everything is a lie from the media. So far the weather lady, Malcome X clip and one other you have played all were on the gme stock subreddits this week. Its really interesting to see wires getting crossed. I think you need to look into this.

BofA basically is taking their ball and going home, mad and scared. Pretty humorous after @Johncdvorak pointed out how bad this bank is.


John in his serious voice, "I don't know if double tap works". That gave me a good laugh.

Apple fires new hire after employee outrage because he wrote a book and said : ‘Most women in the Bay Area are soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite their claims of worldliness, and generally full of shit’

Is he wrong?


@Johncdvorak I think one of you need to look into a potential shipping problem that I notice happening to not only me but others. Packages are getting lost in the mail. This happens weekly for me. For example I order a product, it ships out of Kentucky to Indy, it never gets here. I've been told by people in surrounding states this happens to them all the time. Fed Ex taking money for next day shipping and taking 3-4 days to deliver and not give credit back. Memphis is "black hole".

@adam I really think you need to look more into this and discuss it on the show. Despite what the media says people aren't selling or going anywhere with their GME positions. It just looks more and more each day that the whole system is printing fake shares in putting them into circulation and there is no one that is stopping them. I'm sure this is happening everywhere.


@Johncdvorak I have no idea where you get the GME holders are all looking at bitcoin next. If you investigated a little you would see this is what they are talking about. reddit.com/r/GME/comments/mil8

@adam Hey adam, I was glad months ago to hear you talk about the whole game stop situation on the show. You were dead on in your assessment. I think you should keep looking into it. I know its obvious to NA listeners how much media and government protect each other but there are many young people now realizing this for the first time. I hope you look back into this subject. I know John will roll his eyes and frankly disappointed to see him dismiss the story at hand.

I've always enjoyed Zero Hedge, but seeing their coverage of gme is annoying. Stock goes down yesterday and it's at the top, stock fully recovers today and not a peep about it. I get it's mainly a bearish sentiment on the site, but common.

@adam You discussing being told not to wear a mask, originally in March 2020 got me thinking. That was when there was a mask scare because they couldn't get enough M95s, so the government essentially said they rather have normal people die than who they deemed important at the time. Fast forward and the mask thing is a joke, now anything is accepted as proper face covering. The mask shortage IIRC was being used to stick it to Trump and preserve m95s for important people.

@adam even Peterffy can't say they that shorts are at fault, but blames the "system". Meanwhile shorts foolishly drove the stock of a company into the ground hoping it would go bankrupt. I also do not think the shorts covered but instead kicked the can down the road and hope the public loses interest and they never have to solve this issue. IMO if the great reset is real, this is the button that you push to start it.

@adam I wish you would discuss this Gamestop situation more. I know John is basically ignoring it because he is falling for the dumb media story surrounding it and thinks kids were just dumb throwing money away, however there are so many pissed off people, mainly younger, that are for the first time seeing how the media works in it's true form. Then we get the IBKR Ceo yesterday, basically saying they changed the rules on the fly to "protect the economy" . youtube.com/watch?v=_TPYuIRVfe

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