@yukiame stupid nature can鈥檛 get grass to stand upright with all those roots! Also no wonder why our aquifers are drying up, natural grasses sucking it all up! (ken burns dust bowl documentary is a must watch. If you鈥檝e seen interstellar, you鈥檝e already seen part of it.)

@SirDanielT @yukiame i had a surreal experience watching those two movies, watched the ken burns documentary, then went to theatre to see intersteller a few days later, was in my seat checking to see if i was having a crazy dream!

@yukiame I agree about the documentary, but I couldn鈥檛 finish it, because it was too devestating to watch the misery,

@yukiame A good reminder of the massive amount of effort that went into breeding plants into a stable food source.

I wonder if the demonstration was on purpose, and the hole was dug with intent.
Or perhaps a slice of soil fell for whatever reason, and some botanist exploited the opportunity.
@SystemSock @yukiame is this maybe because the ground on the right is fertilized a lot better and so the plants don鈥檛 need to have an extensive root system to be able to obtain the same nutrition?
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