You can tell this is a true blue Aussie basement by the daisy-chained multibox.

@ChrisWilson @yukiame

"We are currently waiting for more NT-USBs to be produced. Once we have these new microphones packaged, we will be sending the replacement to you right away.

I want to apologise for the delay, however this should be resolved shortly."


@ChrisWilson @yukiame

@SierraKiloBravo PM me your address. I’ll send you my Blue Spark Digital . I’m not using it regularly and I have a number of alternatives.

I lent a friend 8 different condenser mics to play with over the weekend. There are another 3 on loan to other friends. I’m not going to miss one more. :-)

I have a USB Interface I can use if I need anything portable.

BTW the money I saved buying my shitbox Ford afforded me a rather nice mic locker. Including a Heil PR40


I might just take you up on that. Celebrating Australia Day by Aussies helping Kiwis. The ANZAC spirit.

Make sure with your mic locker that each one always has one in the chamber so its ready to go any time, oh wait I'm mixing up my cabinets

@ChrisWilson @yukiame

@SierraKiloBravo I’m locked and loaded. Ready for any jingle that bursts it’s way through the door

The studio is being pulled down tonight as new windows are going in on Tuesday. Should be back up for Thursday’s show next Sunday

Still got a couple in the chamber for @adam


@ChrisWilson @SierraKiloBravo i can't support this transcontinental Mic exchange it looks like Money laundering

@SierraKiloBravo @yukiame not quite half the condensers. Then there is the dynamic and ribbon mics

I’m one of those blokes @Johncdvorak taljs about.

Oh yeah. Happy ‘Straya day cunt :-)

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