@TomNovak @OhVinnie I've caught more bass with the green hornet than you've lied about

@yukiame I've got more lobster barehanded than you've eaten. @OhVinnie

Oh @TomNovak . NOTHING in the world like a lobster migration, eh. Beats the hell out of sticking your hand into deep dark holes and finding a moray.


Oh @TomNovak back in the day I went snorkeling with a guy off of the beach in Lauderdale. We were out about a half mile out looking for bugs.

He stuck his hand in a hole and came out with a moray attached to the web between his thumb and index finger. Ain't no getting em off without a struggle. Had to cut the head off the damn thing.

Blood everywhere in the water and bull sharks flitting about. Longest swim to shore in my life.

He got a hell of an infection from the bite.


@OhVinnie 🤣 Amateurs!

We domesticated them, hand fed them and videoed customers' petting them. Then sold them the tapes to show the folks back home.

Oh @yukiame bull sharks can cause concern. LOTS of attacks on humans. They have no problem swimming in fresh water either.

The picture is of black tip shark migrations off of Palm Beach County beaches. Spinner sharks and hammer heads migrate too. Thousands upon thousands of them.

The video is of Greg Norman hooking up with a 6 foot black tip and then a 14 foot hammer head eating it like candy. Right up to shore. At the shoreline in Palm Beach Gardens. 👁️ ❤️ FL


@OhVinnie Meh. Ever since Lester Stillwell was killed by a bull shark on some river somewhere they've been the bogeyman. It was like in the '20s. OMG! We Are All Going to Die!

I could look it up, but don't have to. Just stay out of the water at sunset because that's when the shadow zone is at depth and it's feeding time at 60 ft. CHOMP!


Oh @TomNovak Lester bought it up in Jersey in the early 1900's.

We have caught bulls way up the Loxahatchee River in fresh water. Right next to Trapper Nelson's place. Many 4' in waist deep water.

Caught them up in the St. Johns River & St. Lucie River as well. The Indian River Lagoon (and the river) is lousy with them.

They have been seen in Lake Okeechobee which is 40 miles from saltwater.

Lots more now, then when i was a kid.

@OhVinnie They we're in Irish Bayou when I worked out of N.O.

Weren't you and Lester in school together 🤔 @yukiame

Oh @TomNovak yeah, I was 3 years ahead of him. Thanks for reminding me smarty pants - 🤣

Holy shit, today is the 2nd Thursday! So hard to keep track.


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