Just over one hour to the start of this year's Independence March in Glasgow.

As a wee taster here is a video showing some scenes from last year's huge march.

Come on you Yessers!


#Scotland #independence #Yes #Glaschu #Glasgow

Said in your best Mel Gibson voice, I'm sure.

@fitheach Exactly and Gesture. Everyone hates England but its such a nice country, the people in Kent are also nice just the Londoners are greedy assholes *sigh*

Scottish independence isn't anti-English, it is pro-Scottish.

It is about the people living in Scotland making the decisions that affect us. Just as people do in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Norway etc., etc.

@fitheach @yukiame

So how is staying in the EU pro-Scottish? The UK is trying to get you out of the tangle and from what I've read most Scottish separatists are EU stooges.

Seems to me the UK has been wonderful for many centuries, it'd be sad to see the mainland ruin a wonderful union!

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach the UK is ruining a wonderful EU- union and the EU will not forget that

@yukiame @fitheach

The EU ruined itself by existing. It tried to integrate divergent and variously developed economies under a system which imposed one-size fits all solutions, thus creating massive stress. As the years went by it's policies just created more and more stress an already fragile system.

Not taking the Euro was the smartest thing that the UK did when joining that organization, it'll make leaving that much more painless. I hope the break is clean and the UK can form powerful economic relationships with its former colonies and fellow 5-eyes nations.

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach it was the dumbest thing to do not joining the Euro. A tiny island with tiny currency. min 20 Nations around the EU would die to join

@yukiame @fitheach

North Africa and the Middle East? Yeah they are trying to join right now via other means, do you really want those people xD

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach Yes esp Turkey and all recently joined counties had yuge benefit and Development

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott The €uro is also a shit idea strongarmed into the EU by Mitterand, a socialist who wanted to make weakening Germany his legacy. All it lead to is that strong economies are gifting goods to weak economies to keep a goodamn fiat currency going. Its not like the people from richer countries get nothing out of it. The Creditors of the Greek government got a lot of nice ports from Greece's default.

@MaxMustermann @IsaacWestcott @fitheach

i'm not surprised - Germany paid for greek Debt and got for that the Ports

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