Just over one hour to the start of this year's Independence March in Glasgow.

As a wee taster here is a video showing some scenes from last year's huge march.

Come on you Yessers!


#Scotland #independence #Yes #Glaschu #Glasgow

Said in your best Mel Gibson voice, I'm sure.

@fitheach Exactly and Gesture. Everyone hates England but its such a nice country, the people in Kent are also nice just the Londoners are greedy assholes *sigh*

Scottish independence isn't anti-English, it is pro-Scottish.

It is about the people living in Scotland making the decisions that affect us. Just as people do in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Norway etc., etc.

@fitheach @yukiame

So how is staying in the EU pro-Scottish? The UK is trying to get you out of the tangle and from what I've read most Scottish separatists are EU stooges.

Seems to me the UK has been wonderful for many centuries, it'd be sad to see the mainland ruin a wonderful union!

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach the UK is ruining a wonderful EU- union and the EU will not forget that

@yukiame @fitheach

The EU ruined itself by existing. It tried to integrate divergent and variously developed economies under a system which imposed one-size fits all solutions, thus creating massive stress. As the years went by it's policies just created more and more stress an already fragile system.

Not taking the Euro was the smartest thing that the UK did when joining that organization, it'll make leaving that much more painless. I hope the break is clean and the UK can form powerful economic relationships with its former colonies and fellow 5-eyes nations.

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach it was the dumbest thing to do not joining the Euro. A tiny island with tiny currency. min 20 Nations around the EU would die to join

@yukiame @fitheach

North Africa and the Middle East? Yeah they are trying to join right now via other means, do you really want those people xD

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach Yes esp Turkey and all recently joined counties had yuge benefit and Development

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott The €uro is also a shit idea strongarmed into the EU by Mitterand, a socialist who wanted to make weakening Germany his legacy. All it lead to is that strong economies are gifting goods to weak economies to keep a goodamn fiat currency going. Its not like the people from richer countries get nothing out of it. The Creditors of the Greek government got a lot of nice ports from Greece's default.

@MaxMustermann @IsaacWestcott @fitheach the UK is just scared that they have to pay for an faltering Euro ! Together we stand or fall

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott
Brexit is going to happen despite May's best efforts, because the delay shit show is a catastrophe for the EU already. The Euro also won't last like the last experiment of a international currency.

@MaxMustermann @IsaacWestcott @fitheach it will not happen it can't happen - thats why May is meandering like this. The Euro must survive at all cost or we all go down

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott
We will survive it. The only thing that whither and dies is what ever the French elite came up with.

@MaxMustermann @IsaacWestcott @fitheach
so what did the French come up with ? and remeber they are all completly indebted - so bad that even the ECB can't save them

@yukiame @fitheach @MaxMustermann

She's meandering because she's a globalist stooge that's been bought and paid for. If #Brexit doesn't happen and they keep voting until they get the result that the leaders want what the fuck is the point of democracy?

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach @MaxMustermann

its not the Question of democracy . The lesson is you don't ask the populus about a very complicated international Question in an Referendum basta.

Democracy will survive

@yukiame @MaxMustermann @fitheach

That's some poor reasoning, not going to lie. So citizens shouldn't have say in international relations?
I guess the US citizenry should sit back and let the MIC do its work! Why even vote for leaders? The common man cannot possibly understand the topics anyway, let's just have some landed elite vote amongst themselves!

If the EU is the be all and end all why have separate governments or militaries? I know that the EU is at least working on the latter, how long until the former?

It's not the UK's responsibility to keep you all afloat anyway. Sovereignty yet existed, the EU has yet to abolish that!

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach @MaxMustermann
No they shouldn't or next Friday a Referendum about NAFTA and than next Friday Sanctions on Venezuela.
There is a Reason we have an Parliament

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott
So the Swiss model is gay as fuck and this is why Switzerland is a shi.... wait a second!

@MaxMustermann @IsaacWestcott @fitheach
that is polemik - stating an wrong statement and than claiming that it is wrong

@MaxMustermann @IsaacWestcott @fitheach
you drank too much Conspiracy Kool aid but i'm eyeing Serbia. But if the Russian ex ocupied countires have learned anything from Russia is that it is best to throw them out

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott
That sentiment may fly in the Visegard 4 but not in Russia's oldest allies like fucking Serbia.

@MaxMustermann @IsaacWestcott @fitheach thats why it will prob the last europ country to join the EU

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott
Also by accusing me of drinking conspiracy koolaid by pointing out that US is still doing some funky shit in the Ukraine is nice and all, but doesn't justify the idea of a EU-Army even Macron has given up by now. It does poison the well however. When people hear conspieracy theory, they think about unhinged shit like this:

@MaxMustermann @IsaacWestcott @fitheach

so who should defend Eu when lets say Russia attack the EU ?

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott
A) Won't happen. Kyrill has to much of a say for that to happen.
B) The individual countries could in theory defend themselves.
@yukiame @fitheach @MaxMustermann

Russia isn't attacking shit, they have nukes but no longer the manpower of old. You should be more worried about the global south.
@yukiame @MaxMustermann @fitheach

Why do you care about Ukraine? Like seriously how is that effecting you or the EU?
Are the Baltic or Eastern Russian states of any real consequence? This is exactly what people fear - a war starting due to some stupid small slavic nation being attacked. Sound familiar?
@yukiame @MaxMustermann @fitheach

Referendums exist to be used when needed. Your strawman is most unimpressive.

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach @MaxMustermann they are only for local limited questions like where to build a Bridge or an Flyover so national vote would not even make sense

@yukiame @MaxMustermann @fitheach

Are you a political expert? I'm not, but I'm fairly confident you're not either. The difference being one of our views invalidates our own ability to contemplate the purpose of political procedures and the other doesn't.

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach @MaxMustermann the EU is working on getting the countries together and also on an european army - I now its very hard

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott
What makes you think a European Army is a good idea? I think the idea is retarded and only serves one purpose: Aggression against Russia, an enemy who see the itself as hated for its for irrational reasons and has hyper sonic weapons.

@MaxMustermann @IsaacWestcott @fitheach

tell that to Trump and the NATO, they oviously don't want anymore so we'll have to defend ourselves

@yukiame @fitheach @MaxMustermann

NATO was just UK/UK do everything.

Do you really need an EU army? Couldn't you just have coordinated national militaries? There really is no purpose to a centralized EU army unless the goal is total integration.
@yukiame @MaxMustermann @fitheach

So the end goal: one nation europe, no individual national governments, just the EU?

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach @MaxMustermann United States of Europe with a high level of Federal decisions

@yukiame @MaxMustermann @fitheach

There's a lot to go before you get to that point, the US had different circumstances; and brute forcing in the way it's being done now is well...good luck.

I'd be more interested in an expanded Anglosphere Confederacy, hence why I support #Brexit.

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach @MaxMustermann that is a fine Expansion when the price is a national crisi

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