Just over one hour to the start of this year's Independence March in Glasgow.

As a wee taster here is a video showing some scenes from last year's huge march.

Come on you Yessers!


#Scotland #independence #Yes #Glaschu #Glasgow

Said in your best Mel Gibson voice, I'm sure.

@fitheach Exactly and Gesture. Everyone hates England but its such a nice country, the people in Kent are also nice just the Londoners are greedy assholes *sigh*

Scottish independence isn't anti-English, it is pro-Scottish.

It is about the people living in Scotland making the decisions that affect us. Just as people do in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Norway etc., etc.

@fitheach @yukiame

So how is staying in the EU pro-Scottish? The UK is trying to get you out of the tangle and from what I've read most Scottish separatists are EU stooges.

Seems to me the UK has been wonderful for many centuries, it'd be sad to see the mainland ruin a wonderful union!

@IsaacWestcott @fitheach the UK is ruining a wonderful EU- union and the EU will not forget that

@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott
The EU has ruined any chances to get the feared alliance with Russia that could give us freedom from Atlantisicism since the cold war was over and In will not forget it. I will rember it as soon I become Kaiser....in Minecraft.
@yukiame @fitheach @IsaacWestcott
That's a cute codeword for a CIA operation. Come back after you googled "Big game russia england prussia" for more than 15 minutes.
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