Pretty sure I remember flat worms can be taught to solve a maze. That's only a couple steps away from producimg dubstep and taking over the world.

@yukiame @CSB Quick search found 99bitcoins.com/bitcoin-debit-c.
There are also apps that do the opposite, like strike.zaphq.io where you have balance in USD, but the seller gets BTC (and BTC is never mentioned).

Having bridging technologies like this is useful, but as soon as you understand bitcoin you can just use bitcoin directly without additional and unnecessary intermediaries.

@yukiame British steal everything, Potatoes, Turkey, Buffalo, the sun never sets on the British empire because god doesn't trust them in the dark. Its True!

@ProfWorr @yukiame

The Shaman - Move Any Mountain

Faith can move any mountain huh? Shaman did it in 1990. Pity the guy died, they were so on track with early rave music finally hitting the charts.

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