in my field, i face the same problem the brave guys are. That is, i write tutorial for elite hackers eg , and open source fsf kinda fringes. Then, these fringes, often kept bugging/bitching/pushing for more fringe, so that whatever u do remain fringe.

you see, the brave guys are trying to replace the web ad system by a browser that completely remove all ads with a creator reward crypocurrency system.

but the fringes say, oh, but ublockorigin and bitcoin and blockchain 42914coin therefore no u.

so that, brave never takes off. We just got this fringe fucks that's 0.0001% of society with their fringe all day, for the next thousand years.


you see, these tech geekers are not able to see the big picture of society. They just know tech geeking. These fringes fucks, exist since 1990s and earlier. We see their messages and what they want, all day, and everyday. But after 3 decades, the web and society got worse.

for me. when i write some technical stuff on comp lang design, then fringes says, what about x? have you tried y? boox a84682 says b56633 so u should.

when i write linux command line tutorial, then you get: u should compiz stumpvm wayland gentoo.

when criticizing linux, the open source fsf heads: oh, that's not linux. u shoudl ed73c kernal git.

same with mastodon idiots we see all day, thinking that this is the one going places.

the point is, we should see the picture, and get society to adopt, in a meaningful impactful way, what we nerd want. e.g. regarding privacy, or computer language design, tools, or no ads, no spam, etc.

tech geeking don't work. Open source fanaticism don't work. Denying linux problems don't work.

you want to see things with regards to how, average people, e.g. those who mob McDonald toilets, will feel a change.

for example, i write lots emacs tutorials. Within the emacs circle, spats exchanges all the time, about what new feature should be, direction, decisions, etc. The emacs circle fuckheads, are typical of the fringe, very. The argue and argue, of idiotic fringe thoughts.

but outside of emacs, e.g. those visual studio, atom, code, x-code, laugh at you emacs.

all you get with emacs is, “oh, emacs is god”.

if emacs disappears overnight, the world don't feel a thing. If say visual studio disappears, you can see it in stock market. That's the difference.

in contrast, corporations illustrate the opposite of fringe. Because, corp has a goal, to make money. Either you do, or you go extinct. So, their tech, may it be Google Chrome, or Apple os, or Visual Studio, TypeScript, every decision, argument, has exact measure of consequences. They don't go by random fringe opinion or “elegance” or ideology.

But why are fringes fringe? well, because, they are fringes. Fringe is what they are. They tech geek. By day, they work at goal oriented money sucking corps, by night, they fanatic and utter spill fringe on others thinking they are improving society.

Some fringe will say, well look at the impact of open source on society. No my friend. Open source exist or not, we'd have the same Google Facebook scums unhindered. And you fringe working for them will still be working for them.

Without these fringe fanatics, emacs might be used more than 0.1% of coders and easy and intuitive yet still same power, linux would have killed Microsoft Windows, and any of us would make a living writing softwire sans big corps dictate what's on your plate.

in short, the problem of the open source etc fringe type of programers is that, they form cults. emacs cult, linux cult, open source cult, haskell etc programing language cult. And, ignorance of anything outside of tech, such as how society works.

the result is, whatever these fringe wants, never become reality in society. But instead, you get to hear loud fringe opinions generation after generation.

in more short, the issue is, that most avid programers, are completely ignorant of anything else outside of tech, e.g. history, sociology, philosophy, literature, arts, law, yet, they think they are well informed, they readily have loud opinions on anything societal, such as software licensing, privacy law, net neutrality, etc.

it is also partly why, the rise of the sjw. As tech companies in silicon valley, are the bastion and heart of sjw, a spill out of the open source fanaticism, based on a mentality of “i wanna help”.

by the way, the guy Brendan Eich is interesting. He's the js creator, and leader of Brave browser.

most guys of his status live in high cloud, where, you never hear them or know what they doing. Except pop news sites gossip all day.

but Brendan is a true nerd. Daily, you see him on twitter spatting with idiots on js standard, and peddling and petty retweeting stuff to sell Brave.

He was an early victim of SJWs - driven out as CEO of Mozilla because he donated money to a proposition to ban same sex marriage, even though there was no evidence he discriminated against gays professionally.

@xahlee this is what I like about Scala. Functional advantages are available but not mandatory. Java makes for a great bridge to the "real world"

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