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∑ XahLee @xahlee

ok, i found a bug!
this sequence
U+0915 U+094D U+0930 U+200C U+093E
results in
the last char does not combine in emacs!
now, crash your Mac!

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@xahlee emacs bug or underlying text layout engine?

@johnww2 prob emacs, because in browsers, it shows combined.

@xahlee emacs on what platform? Mac? Using in Terminal, or using in XWindows, or stand alone emacs app?

Even on same platform, it could (likely is if browser behaves differently) be using a different text layout engine.

@xahlee I had heard about crashing sequences of text on OS X recently but didn't pay much attention to them. I used to work in the same general team that does text layout on OS X. I know those people. I ran into the manager at a local CostCo last month.

I'm indy dev now.