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Japan, their imagination of scifi stuff is great. These are from the show 宇宙戦艦 (Star Blazers, aka Space Battleship Yamato), which is a TV anime series (1974) based on the Japan Battleship Yamato. I watched it in Taiwan when i was ~10.


you can see more pics of the battleships at
note that, back then, spaceship is imagined to be like ship but in space, shape and everything.

massive YouTube censorship.
see @timcast reports, here
search all the title containing YouTube

CNN lying, as usual. Now about scripted questions about the tow hall meeting about the school shooting.

@timcast reports

racial war in South Africa with guns. The pop news websites don't report it. You do.

here's full video, part of a series youtube.com/watch?v=Jq0GReiZyK

wow, this is new.
NiZ Electrostatic EC84-S Capacitive Keyboard Programmable Multi-media 84 Keys With PBT Keycaps Capacitive Switches
its using capacitive switch, but not sure its topre or new design

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Let this picture give you strength in these troubling times


“Evergreen Calls Off ‘Day of Absence’”

lol. if you no idea, see
Evergreen State College Racism Controversy

my experience is
1998 to 2009 Mac
1999 to 2002 windows,
2010 to 2012 windows,
2012 to 2017 linux,
2017 to now Mac.
Not counting terminal to remote irix, bsd, solaris, Mac server, linux server.

Q: What to do if someone is bugging you?
A: Growl.

Q: What to do if you disapprove?
A: Hiss.

English Vocabulary: Animalistic Cries (Onomatopoeia)

Ben Shapiro, what a juvenile.
gerbil mouth and mousy brain.
squeaking for a turf.

if you use @typescriptlang a lot, using it's advance type features, then, u might as well just use @reasonml . Far more better type strict features, rich data structure types, and cleaner syntax.

YouTube censorship in action.