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@wrenpile ah, interesting!
any link?
going to google.

been reading math 1 h/day for the past month. what a pleasure, and what a hole, and my life is a failure.

Imaging Library says py3 version is coming, for like 10 years now.

Hover to Switch Window. this is the optimal setting. Saves you tons of clicks. efficiency at extreme xahlee.info/kbd/macos_hover_sw

Music fry day. • austerity • relentless. Bach, Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Fugue № 4 xahmusic.org/piano/bach_wtc1_f

oh god, emacs on Mac: apply: Searching for program: No such file or directory, ispell

American college life. Life's too good. “Gossip Girl” xahmusic.org/music/whatever_yo

music of the day. “Wandering Stars”, from the masochistic wail of lovelorn female, to a passage of Abrahamic scripture, to sodomy. xahmusic.org/music/wandering_s