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my conclusion, the Neo layout for German, is also not good. It wastes 4 key for ä ö ü ß. xahlee.info/kbd/german_keyboar

life is good, when you have meat to eat.

life is not good, when you don't have meat to eat.

Chopin, Prelude Opus 28 № 24. Unforgiving, is the last 3 notes. The knells of death. xahmusic.org/piano/Chopin_prel

In Russian Layout the following chars are not available ` ~ @ # $ ^ & | [ ] { } ' < > xahlee.info/kbd/russian_keyboa

catch history, and see how things turn out.

during the blog era 10 years ago, there's a batch of sex bloggers, usually purple hair, that blogs semi erotica, semi sex edu.Today. They gone. Replaced by 10 thousand tender pussy camgirls, sans morality.

@SpookyR she' got lots. I've watched maybe 10 yesterday, plus the one you gave today.

but haven't found her background exactly.

also, am thinking, this whole body lang thing is sham. Rather, i'd just put it in Good Human Expression watching skills. Sales people, and magicians, do better, as a profession.

@tomey they probably using the same manufacture for key caps or key label.

that one isn't optical switch though.

@SpookyR where's the video that talks about growing up etc?