ok follow my other account for tech stuff. i just retweeted.

now, it's great that na can actually see posts elsewhere. One look , and one great bunch of sick and wild fucks streaming by, faster than u can read. good.

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1. xah edu corner, extempore! episode № 20180409172936, on the suckiness of JavaScript DOM SVG font-size problem.

in this posts, i'll explain the problem, in real time. No js dom svg experience required.

2 say you want to write plot sine in svg. you start a canvas like this:
<svg width="100" height="100">.
the x start at 0 on left, and y start at 0 from top.
But you want to plot sin from -5 to 5, and y -1 to 1.
you can see immediately there's aspect ratio problem.

“14 years of Mark Zuckerberg saying sorry, not sorry” 2018-04-09 By Geoffrey A Fowler And Chiqui Esteban. At washingtonpost.com/graphics/20

facebook fraud, screenshot for those don't want to bother reading cnn.

supreme beauty. And note the elaborate lace. That itself, is a fascinating academic subject, in technology, in history of lacing tech, and in relation of esthetics and sexual attraction.

the other thing interesting is boobs, of course. But why do girls show them? and why it attracts men? because, it's the most obvious physical identifier of sex. In short, women want to advertise: “I am female”, and men want to identify female.

Feminism Perving xahlee.org/sex/blog.html

looks like @jimmykimmel and @seanhannity have a bad feud going on now.
i didn't know what's up, till i read the breitbart

I knew kimmel, watched his shows now and then on YouTube. Don't know Hannity. But it all changed since 2017.
Here and now, i see Kimmel more as a scum. You don't mock president's wife who's not doing politics.
But i gather, they both doing it for showbiz.

note to new followers, my programing and math stuff is at mstdn.io/@xahlee

over here (noagenda instance), it's gonna be political posts, and offensive.

woot, why am i getting a bunch of followers on this instance? is it due to hackernews?

LOL, just saw “Consensual non-consensuality” in BDSM jargon glossary. You see, when it comes to sexuality of human animals, you can't really define things.

The universe don't begin with this is good, that is bad. Human animals invents them as they go, to suit their needs.

Cyndi Lauper, superstar of the 80s, still around. Here's her “She Bop”. Back then, masturbation is still considered controversial. And, music video then is meaningful.

woman goes to restaurant and tearfully says her little girl Snow will be violently killed. Snow is a chicken.

this is quite interesting. Of all alt video sites, they can't deal with the load. Porn sites can and do. Also, historically, all politically sensitive things often find a home in porn publications, eg playboy, penthouse, cuz censored things has no other home to go.

Pornhub is touted as possible alt to YouTube

turns out, that poster is fake news.

it was poster for brazil, supposedly to abide Brazil law.

fuck Jack Posobiec.

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lol. not sure if this true or just 1 poster. But the general sentiment, yes. As Paglia observed, this is the beginning of downfall of an empire. People become sophisticated, effeminate, lost touch to reality, in a vision of utopia. The masculine and crude barbarians, takes over.

The Hunger in Hunger Games: Breath it All In, Children

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