@adam transcription in progress No Agenda Episode 1255: "Mask = Love" youtu.be/3haM_MKpJBk

@Clogwog have you seen how your opml flows through automatically to noagendashow.net? Y’all kick ass!

@adam that’s awesome. If they need me to make that opml file predictable like <episode number>.opml please get in contact with me. Because currently they need to parse the latest episode and find the link.

@Clogwog meet @woodstock and vice versa! Tim is the brains behind the new site

@adam @woodstock hi Tim, Tom here. I’ll upload them to natranscript.online/opml/<episode number>-transcript.opml so for example the current one is natranscript.online/opml/1255-


@Clogwog @adam Thank you for the amazing work. Everybody loves the transcripts.

@woodstock @adam oh no. Thought I’d make it easier with natranscript.online/opml/1256- but I’ve inadvertently broken your parsing...

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