@wolfspider they are blaming this on Climate Change! What a farce.

@Johncdvorak Ah, July 7, 2021, 9:31am article, I've been partially flimflammed.


Incredibly misleading article. Above 88 degrees and 95%RH is average, year round conditions in Malaysia, a place I lived 25 years and that claim is simply not true. People don't die there every other week because it got a little hotter.
And the article starts with a link to a WaPo article which speaks of Hot and Dry.
Referencing a map that isn't there!

Anything goes, that confirms the author's biases, I gues.

@Johncdvorak @bonifartius

@wolfspider regime scientists clearly had this plan:
>we can't tell the truth because too many people have it already
>if we talk *around* the truth we can still research how to help people, isn't that good?
and look at how quickly it gets derailed. You want to treat 'long covid' or 'sads' or anything but 'vaccine injury', but still actually help people? Too bad, you get more green energy grants instead.

Lies will not set you free.


>Temperature at which people spontaneously die

>During the July 1995 heatwave in Chicago, there were at least 700 heat-related deaths. The strongest risk factors were being confined to bed, and living alone...


@wolfspider @wolfspider People are out here are dropping like flies for no reason. No reason. And the Dems... The Dems want to lay all the blame on climate change. SADS!
@wolfspider "Call 1-800 Bullshit! Act now before the damage we do is irreversible and everyone drops dead for no reason."


Can't turn on the AC when the energy supply has been butchered!


The jew vaxx and it's consequences have been a disaster for the White race. But hey, the good news is most of the people that got the jew vaxx are system trusters and are thus, inherently anti-White.

@wolfspider Well my local electric company in Austin decided to raise the temp in the house to 84F to keep from using too much energy!

@wolfspider certainly isn't from the experimental gene therapy most people underwent over the last two years.

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