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How can I get some stuff from Cal Lavender Blossoms guy? Want to buy.

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& mofos!

Let’s jump in, shall we?

episode 1162 ‘Thank You Comrade’
Time Stamp 5:25

@adam, with his usual acuity, nails it here:

“Imagine that! A former FBI assistant director predicting violence from white supremacists [just] five days before it happens. On the sixth day, a cycle perhaps, it happens.”

This is an extremely dense episode, folks: just witness what Adam & @Johncdvorak are discussing five minutes in.

Listening to No Agenda is more important now than ever.

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Dad Is therapist, Ex Director of 'Dual Diagnosis' At hospital shut down for 'safety violations' Is Father handler of shooter operative?


El Shooter Crusius Is a Hardcore Socialist LEFT Wing Progressive White Nationalist - Wants Universal Income And Universal Healthcare


Shooter Was A Pro-Satan LEFTIST Who Supported Warren, Sanders, Antifa & Communism


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The DNC's lawsuit against WikiLeaks has been dismissed, with the judge noting that the publication of the DNC email… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1156334428823654400
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Now I gotta ask myself. Why would a Walt Disney cruise line feature a snorkel adventure of Epsteins Little St. James pedo Island.
Things that make you go hmmm....



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Joe Lauria, founder of Consortium News: “Democrats Blowing on Embers with a Politicized Mueller.” Well put. It’s well written.


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I sure hope somebody somewhere has recorded testimony of Jeffrey Epstein. What are the chances he doesn't make it until Christmas?

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From Consortium News,
& on the *day* of the third anniversary of the release of the DNC emails by Wikileaks.

July 23rd; a piece by Ray McGovern “A Non-Hack that Raised Hillary’ Hackles.”

Old beat for Ray; love the dude,
to be honest. I think he pretty much gets it right. Thoughts? Whenever you get the chance, no rush.


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One of the first brands I've seen have the courage to go onto Mastodon and not just as a Twitter mirror bot. @protonmail

Should be fun to see how the "community" responds. I'm personally happy to see brands here as long as they are genuine and non-spammy.

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Contrary to popular belief, sorcery works against white people ~ if they read that Harry Potter trash.

We got our own spells to counter it...

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