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Are you ready for it?

It's almost time for the Sunday Morning Service!

Until then, WE ROCK!


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An ancient Chinese proverb
ๆฐดๅฏ่ฝฝ่ˆŸ ไบฆๅฏ่ฆ†่ˆŸ
Water can float the ship, can also sink the ship.

The power lies within the people who is the water, not the tyrant who is the ship.

Letโ€™s not forget that.

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History will record that the person most responsible for triggering the Second American Civil War was Chief Justice John Roberts, who in a landmark act of sedition and dereliction of duty, refused to even look at evidence of the Biden fraud.

Having been ostracized from society by lockdown dictators and corporate barons alike, the people, betrayed even by their own party elites, were left with no legal venue in which to air their grievances. They saw no choice but to start the revolution.

1.7 million new users to Gab in the last 4 days. That's insane.

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30 minute Rudy Giuliani podcast about what happened in DC on Jan 6th...

Banned on YouTube, I guess he's hosting it on Rumble.

A few points...
- A rally of love
- no violence at the speeches
- I abhor violence (used to discredit decent causes)
- riot preplanned & not rally attendees (and why)
- MAGA people stopping some rioters & protecting police (with video)
- poor call up of backup troops

A counter narrative to the M5M.

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Disagree - Dems have suffered ZERO consequences for their lies and itโ€™s empowered them. Force may ultimately be the only option.

Gab never did release the code for how they implemented groups. I wish we had groups.

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When you think you've already won the election, you don't:

* Ban people from social media
* Silence people's voices
* Insist on impeachment with only 2 weeks left
* Insist on the 25th amendment with only 2 weeks left
* Demand military leaders prevent Trump from carrying out military plans

That's not what a winning team does.
That's what criminals do when they are in panic mode.
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So what Apple, Google, etc. are doing is asserting that a platform can be held responsible for the content it permits to be shown. They are making the anti-Section-230 argument for us.

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Nancy Pelosi: "It was an epiphany for the world to see that there are people in our country, led by this President, who have chosen their whiteness over democracy."

So according to the Speaker, whites are now unpatriotic ... because they are white

And yet, still -- still! -- the haughty ruling class inside the Beltway stubbornly refuses to ask why so many Americans hate them, and instead just dismiss 74 mil people as racists and rednecks or conspiracy nuts. By not even asking the question, they risk inciting more violence

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RT @feeonline
By suspending Ron Paul, it becomes clear that 'safety' may not be Big Tech's primary goal. zpr.io/HBLQ2

I remember hearing this last summer; "A riot is the language of the unheard." ๐Ÿ˜

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