Show art is off the charts good again

#1 propagandist tool is silence on issues that hurt their message

2009. The grand globalist story has become refined over much time. Listening to the guy's "Swine Flu Minute" episodes also show how the pandemic story line has been refined over time as well.

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Joe Biden complains small businesses are going out of business while simultaneously promoting an economic lockdown to fight coronavirus.

AAaagh! Thank God that's over. Back to mass murder on video game.

Cold is already getting a bit better, at least congestion wise. Not sneezing any longer. *knock on wood*

China agreed to do NOTHING on the Paris Accord though!

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Notice how Trump masterfully keeps making Biden say that he disagrees with people in the Democratic Party.

Tonight Biden specifically said that he backs Wall Street, won't raise taxes and that Obamacare needs to be reformed.

And that he ISN'T going to be a Democrat POTUS but a POTUS for 'all Americans'.

How's that going to play with the extreme left loonies and the radical base?


This has been a very bad night for Biden.

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The route he is proposing is WEF to the letter

I got a good video on the Paris Accord I'll see about finding and posting here

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