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I went out for bike ride yesterday.

On the way the sun was warm (for up here, in my northern climes, in April) and bright. The wind was at my back making the ride so easy and still, so enjoyable.

I started worrying. I wasn't wearing a jacket! The north wind was at my back and still chilly. The ride home was going to be rough. The worry started to consume me.

Then I got to thinking. Why do I always worry about the ride? I only got one ride. It's time to enjoy myself while I can.

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Everyone’s level of socialization may vary but as social creatures it’s good for our hearts(literally & figuratively) to find & occasionally stretch our social skills.

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It's official. The autopsy results came back and my dad, a healthy 61 year old who never had a single cardiovascular issue in his life, died of a thrombosis (clot), which stopped his heart. His last dose of Pfizer was on 01/02/21. Pfizer killed my dad. People, STOP pushing the vaccine on others. My dad survived a rather benign case of COVID only to be pushed into this experimental treatment by his employer and gov't regulators.

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"Haven't you heard, it's a battle of words!" the poster bearer cried.

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What was the first record you bought?

A Night At The Opera by Queen was the first one I bought with my own money. I rode my bike to the mall to buy it with my allowance.

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If anyone wants to read about the cold hard reality of Canada's covid negligence it's all here.

The amazing Naomi Wong took time to record everything that happened from the start.

No opinions just coverage.

Res ipsa loquitur: The thing speaks for itself


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(evil mutants are coming, not joking, not science-fiction)

Mass Vaccination Will Breed Dangerous Variants

dryburgh.com/vanden-bossche-th .

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A UK Royal Navy Hawk T1 jet has crashed in Cornwall.
Two pilots are being treated in hospital after ejecting from the military jet before it crashed into a field.

736 Naval Air Squadron's primary role is to
provide stimulated missile attacks. ❣🚀@skynews

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Today's the day! All of my paintings from my "Forest" series are now available in my Etsy store!

This painting is an updated, bigger, more detailed version of one of my favorite pieces from last year that I really loved. I hope you all enjoy this version too :)
30x30" oil painting
Dance of the Dryads

Staying in the city this week. I just noticed the skateboarder's age demographic seems to be getting older and older.

@MountainJay How do you see the show art used on the stream? All I see is the player.

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