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@rising_serpent: "Lawrence 'stop the hammering' O'Donnell declares Trump a Russian asset.
This is a man so out of his mind that he literally hallucinated a story claiming Russian oligarchs co-signed Trump's Deutsche Bank loans and then was forced to apologize for it."

#RussiaRussiaRussia #FakeNews #Trump #PresidentTrump


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Even the cows in Iran were protesting the regime's elections.

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United States To Sign Peace Deal With Taliban By End Of February, Ending America’s Longest War

I guess we all know the Taliban are a bunch of radical Islamic assholes forcing Sharia on everyone. "Reduced violence". Sure. Only burning all the girls in schools and behedding the Infidels. That's all.

Is this "peace deal" the camouflage to get out of Afghanistan without losing face? You can not win a war from religious fanatics anyway. It will never end.


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Grumpy Old Bens - EP #51 - Pharma VPN

✔️Firefox has a brand new VPN
✔️Amazon is getting into the pharmacy biz
✔️Ring doorbell now requires 2FA
✔️There is a Roomba-esque pooper-scooper
✔️Our producers are awesome

We talk about these things & more on this EP of .


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Despite what you may hear in MSM, today's parliamentary elections in Iran was a devastating failure for the regime as millions boycotted the vote.



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We truly dodged a bullet in 2016. I really believe in divine intervention with Trump's election. God won.

Imagine how hellish life would be now under Clinton's presidency...She is truly a sick individual. She has sowed more division than we will ever know. Such an evil bitch. She deserves to rot in hell for eternity for the damage she has done to this country.

Party buses make me sad. They remind me of a caged hamster running around in a wheel.

@adam Just in case you missed it, here's the Daily Show's Amy Klobuchar robotic Trump hair "supercut" (no pun intended):


And here she last night doing the same tired thing on Bill Maher. Real Time with Bill Maher actually Tweeted it:


I wish that I knew a way to get .wav files from embeds.

In 2013 Adam and John talk about Joe Biden running for president.

References Joe's Deliverance movie "man rape" quote. Adam says "The future is fantastic!" 🐐 😂

5-19-2013 #514 2:44:35

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Grumpy Old Bens - Episode #50 - Love

The bromance that is Grumpy Old Bens celebrates our 50th Episode on Valentine’s Day! We take the opportunity to talk about love and how little we know and understand about dating in the modern age.

We also talk about random things like a new law proposed in Illinois that would outlaw people pumping their own gas.

Even when we talk about love, we get grumpy!


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its valentines day, that means everybody but you will have sex
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