Someone else had a batwinged syringe idea. Amazing sand art!

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A variant of any virus that develops to become resistant to a vaccine, does so by responding to the evolutionary pressure caused by the vaccine.

An unvaccinated host does not contribute to that evolutionary pressure at all.

"I'm sure mutations are already developed and ready to go. They have probably already released at least
one SARS-COV2 variant to test and track it's spread, also to facilitate normalization of out of control pandemic and
continue to sow more division among the slaves."

Should have put that in the long ago

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This thanksgiving, I'm thankful for BLM for burning my hometown to ashes over a violent drug addict and making my friend sob in my arms as her parent's resturant and her families only form of income went up in smoke live on CNN, then proceeding to blame all White people for the damage. Turning me from a Bernie supporting communist into the man I am today, wouldn't be here without you guys, and there are many like me as well, keep up the excellent work!
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You can find the feed for my End of Show mixes at Developing some more episodes for the feed.

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Left over tip: chop up turkey and stuffing and mix it all together, form into balls and bake at 400 until desired crispiness. Add gravy and you have a new meal!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's JCD's first rant about Thanksgiving; from NA#123, in 2009.

I posted this last year too, can't believe it's already been a year since.

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This week's paintings are outer-space themed! 🌌
This one is based on Messier 64, or the "Black Eye Galaxy" (or "Evil Eye Galaxy"... and I just found out another name is the "Sleeping Beauty Galaxy"). I've painted a few versions of this galaxy over the years; this one has a "glow" to the middle that I really like.
18x24" oil painting
Available tomorrow at 9AM EST in my Etsy shop:
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"Oil prices erased losses and jumped on Tuesday morning following the announcement from the U.S. Administration that it would make available 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to lower said oil prices. "

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Kyle Rittenhouse reaction to today's verdict:

(Apologies if already posted)

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Got me a new coffee table book

Woo woooo! Listen to that horn!

Infrastructure bill includes 66 billion for railroads so they can abduct people to make them take the train.

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‘Dogs are people too’


The “spell” of the ‘Dunning-Kruger effect’, ‘project mockingbird’, M5M - government collusion on the weak minded

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