Thanks to @adam and, I created my own Mastodon instance. Follow me here please!

@prot it does seem like a way to tear down the 1% from running for office, except those stories disappear so quickly.

okay trump now make a new tool album happen

@PhoneBoy hate anybody for any reason. what matters is how you treat them. for that there should be repercussions.

@chris @HiroProtagonist @PapaVanTwee yes. I can only see an exception when a reasonable alternative for needed service is not available, like no vacancies nearby late at night etc.

@ProfWorr @Economic_Hitman damn. is a perfect way to encourage people to step outside of their information bubble, open their own mind to being changed, think critically and be willing to challenge propagandist dogma in public. It's the perfect response whenever somebody says an unpopular truth. cc @adam

@ProfWorr actually it's originally from Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz on Twitter). Good writer on the power of propaganda, anti-war and the need to cross political tribes. She's got a sporadic podcast that basically just rehashes her articles. I like it but I'm not sure most NA fans would.

@sirphenom @silenticecream yes yes. I think getting together in person with people who don't accept the dominant media narrative is essential for good mental health. It's hard not to have people to talk to IRL when you feel like you live in an alternative reality.

@ecj11 @sirphenom I still use and love Doggcatcher. doubleTwist is trying to merge radio, podcasts and playing local files into one app. very cool and huge potential but not great at anything. weird bugs.

@ChrisWilson steemit appears to be centralized, like Twitter, as opposed to Mastodon. my crazy idea is could decentralized networks like Mastodon take off if each instance was also an exchange, all posting to a centralized blockchain, that both linked to content and served as a ledger for some new media token/coin?

@ChrisWilson ok but with steemit, who controls whether I can publish? how many exchanges are there to ensure I can get my money out?

@yukiame @adam thanks. I didn't know about that. do you use it? of course this would be more media focused.

@yukiame @adam we all love money but he and John have pointed out the centralized nature of the exchanges. we need many more of them to create real competition. one media coin but lots of publisher/exchange entities. public blockchain as RSS. a financial incentive to grow the open web.

The weakness in blockchain is that we don't have enough exchanges. In a related note, it would be nice if there was a digital coin to pay for media like NA. NoAgendaSocial is technically a publisher. What if all digital publishers could also serve as exchanges? Register users, publish content to a blockchain, distribute funds. Maybe?

@prot I think the NFL anthem protests are another great example. both sides take it completely differently.

@prot my brothers & I went to a biker rally and bar in Galveston while visiting my mom. flags everywhere and a statue in the corner. black guys everywhere too. maybe they're just used to it, but I got the sense they felt it all wasn't intended to mean what we assume.

@prot I think the point is it's someone making these arguments completely ignorant that they are doing the same thing with the Confederate flag. the title is "hijab means jihad". to most liberals, that flag means slavery. I hope the goal is to make everyone realize symbols are multifaceted, and we should consider their possible offensive nature. not to say we self censor, but understand messages get misunderstood.

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