I don't understand what this means.

wasn't the distribution via podcasting already decentralized (and thus uncancellable) from the beginning? add torrents.

if this is about the money, until crypto is easier and safer for most people and less volatile, the revolution is a long ways off. it still seems like an open standard for money transfer without the blockchain intermediary would get us where we want to go faster.


@wjmaggos @adam blockchain intermediary? I think the blockchain is more critical than you realize. Do you know about Bitcoin lightning? I think you'll find it interesting.

As for volatility. I've taken interest in Cardano, it's token, ADA, is pretty stable (to the upset of many crypto bros). They have a project in the works called Hydra which will serve a similar role to lightning.


I'm hopeful it will be awesome. Right now, we can't even get people to understand that JRE is no longer a podcast.

@wjmaggos @adam the thing about JRE is to the consumer it IS a podcast. They don't care about anything other than ease of use and to some degree quality of media.

In order for a technology to be adopted by the masses it needs to be useable without understanding it.

It is interesting to see what's going on with Joe Rogan. The worst case would be if he quit Spotify and didn't return to podcasting.

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