Storing your money in a regular old database seems like a really dumb idea

Is yesterday's coffee gross? It's been sitting on the counter in its pot, at room temperature since yesterday. Black, just coffee.

Are you afraid to die?

Anyone who says Bitcoin isn't money obviously hasn't bought drugs online... Easiest payment method there is!

Is anyone here who can answer a couple of questions about using PGP?

My goal is to create a private and public key I can store in json.

I just want to sign messages and receive messages only I can decrypt.

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"The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth."

George Orwell

Should I start exercising again?

Anyone know of a project to save and make available a complete record of articles put out by various media outlets? A counter measure against them changing the record?

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Hey plant people... Are there any plants which need minimal care and can be kept in my basement? There's not even indirect sunlight down here.

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So Moderna's intellectual property has been found in the genetic material of COVID-19. Remember when we were ridiculed for the lab leak hypothesis?

Imagine what would happen to Moderna in a fair and just world...

Just getting over the vid. Hasn't been fun. The worst part was the chills. If not for those chills I wouldn't have taken time off work.

I didn't have a test but others in the house did.

Uncomfortable for sure, perhaps even painful at times, but worth shutting down other people's lives? Not a chance.

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I've never purposefully ordered a burger without cheese.

All of our baby formula got recalled. Kind of a pain in the ass. Probably going to switch to a new formula now anyway. Mostly because it's pretty hard to find the one we use at the moment.

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