It's incredible that gays exist from a biological point of view. It seems like mating exclusively with the same sex would be selected against. Perhaps they benefit the tribe somehow. But how? Maybe they increase the ratio of children to care for and people to care for them. Or maybe they improve social dynamics and improve the tribe's ability to cooperate.

I also wonder if homosexuality in females has a different explanation than it does in males.

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@william_doyle We literally just covered this in homeschool today :).
s is plural, 's (apostrophe s) is possessive.

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@OVDB @william_doyle
Let me try to answer both parts.

Plural rules
which talks about adding either "s" or "es" depending upon the ending letter of the word. It has a brief bit about possession as well but there are several rules involved.

Possessive (or ownership) rules
which notes that "'s" can mean multiple items OR possession depending on how it is used.

Is it 'an svg' or 'a svg'?

Why does "s" usually make things plural in English? Also why does " 's" imply ownership?

I just got an add for shrooms on YouTube in Canada. What the hell is going on?

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@william_doyle I dislike Apple using proprietary connectors, but the solution does not lie in governments telling companies how to design their products.

What do you think of the EU requiring Apple to use USB type C on iphones? Feel free to say why you feel that way in a reply

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Don't go to work? Terrorist.

Burn down a bunch of cities for a whole year? Brave and stunning.

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If there's anything you've been meaning to back up but haven't gotten round to yet... I'm calling you out. Go do it now.

My vimrc file got deleted somehow! Good thing I backed it up recently but still!

My brother who is 19 years old is in the hospital with chest pains related to the vaccine. He thinks he's going to be fine. Scary shit though.

Problems are nucleation sites for solution crystals.

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Does anyone actually consider themselves to be "alt-right"? Because I have a feeling we're the people who that term is designed to target.

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