@rtopia Oh, its Infowars. That explains it why I've never heard of it! Glad Alex has a site to host all this stuff.

@rtopia nice! Thank you. I've never heard of this site until now.

Does anyone have a link to the video from those two doctors who got taken down from YouTube? Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi?

@PhoneBoy congratulations! You do look both happier and healthier!

@jennifer lol. Six years ago after my wife and I watched a Netflix documentary about a Russian dating website I started getting YouTube ads for dating Russian girls.
Then when that didn't work I got ads for Asian girls dating websites.
Then for Christian girls.
Then as a last ditch effort YouTube tried to hook me with.. hunky Christian guys!?! 😂

The algos need tweaking indeed! 🤣

Genuinely happy that my SPAM box is almost entirely trying to sell me fake N95 masks instead of what it used to be.

@virtualrc It was a pretty good race! The production was trying hard but amateur. The cameras almost always missed the crashes. All in all it was worth the $10 ($14 Canadian).
I've been watching Cleetus since he bought Ruby at an auction. He's pretty entertaining. 😎

Anyone else watching the Freedom 500 tonight?

Is anyone else noticing that their phone's slave tracker (aka Find my Phone) software is draining the battery a lot more since COVID-19 or am I just paranoid? Both my Samsung phone and tablet have received updates to FMP recently.

Saw this on twitter. Watching @adam 's No Agenda Show predictions coming true in real time.

@SierraKiloBravo Different ways of dealing with the incoming mental programming? :)

@ProfWorr lol, yeah...Thank you for your courage..and passion. 😀

Does anyone know where you can find the actual / original Clinton Body Count list? Does it even exist or has it been wiped off the internet?

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