They're actually singing "hey hey ho ho climate change has got to go"!

So Greta is in Alberta. There are a bunch of protesters near my office (against pipelines, meat, whatever). Rebel Media is driving a truck around with video of her shouting "How dare you!" over and over.
What a show!

Saw a magpie building a nest in the Chez Pierre's sign today. Must be spring?

It was a semi-apocalyptic sunset in Edmonton today! Not sure what the smoke is from. I think we're getting a thermal inversion again or something too. The clouds were crazy and the cold almost unbearable. Had to really bundle up!

Here is a shot at almost full eclipse taken with my cell phone camera through the telescope.

Getting a glimpse of the lunar eclipse with my daughter!

Official group photo of the Edmonton No Agenda meetup crew from last night! πŸ‘Œ

Bowling with the Jobber Success team! 😎 🎳

when OTG was OTG. That guy even has an olden days vape they called a "pipe". 😎

Saw this mobile ham on the highway yesterday. He's the one who's going to save the world, riiiiight? 😎 πŸ“‘

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