They're actually singing "hey hey ho ho climate change has got to go"!

So Greta is in Alberta. There are a bunch of protesters near my office (against pipelines, meat, whatever). Rebel Media is driving a truck around with video of her shouting "How dare you!" over and over.
What a show!

Saw a magpie building a nest in the Chez Pierre's sign today. Must be spring?

It was a semi-apocalyptic sunset in Edmonton today! Not sure what the smoke is from. I think we're getting a thermal inversion again or something too. The clouds were crazy and the cold almost unbearable. Had to really bundle up!

Here is a shot at almost full eclipse taken with my cell phone camera through the telescope.

Official group photo of the Edmonton No Agenda meetup crew from last night! πŸ‘Œ

when OTG was OTG. That guy even has an olden days vape they called a "pipe". 😎

Saw this mobile ham on the highway yesterday. He's the one who's going to save the world, riiiiight? 😎 πŸ“‘

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