Genuinely happy that my SPAM box is almost entirely trying to sell me fake N95 masks instead of what it used to be.


You're lucky. I am still getting plenty of "beautiful girls want sex in your town" crap.

Um, hello, straight female here.

The algos need work.

@jennifer lol. Six years ago after my wife and I watched a Netflix documentary about a Russian dating website I started getting YouTube ads for dating Russian girls.
Then when that didn't work I got ads for Asian girls dating websites.
Then for Christian girls.
Then as a last ditch effort YouTube tried to hook me with.. hunky Christian guys!?! 😂

The algos need tweaking indeed! 🤣

@willcodeforcoffee Ha ha ha! Seriously the algos need work. . .and yet everyone in Dim B wants them to rule the world. 🤦‍♀️

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