Hey @adam I talked with a friend who is from Hong Kong. She lived in Canada for decades but still has family there. She told me a couple things about what is going on but the most concerning things were:
1) The protesters are out all the time but (surprise) the violence only starts when the police arrive to bash heads.
2) The kids out protesting are ready to sacrifice their lives! They'll go out even if they're going to die! They have nothing to live for! :(
3) The leaders need to save face.

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@adam The thing about saving face is a cultural thing that is hard to understand, but the lady in charge has to show she was right. It is a cultural thing, but definitely not a very democratic value.

Kids willing to sacrifice their lives might mean this will be a revolution before it ends.

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@chris @adam I'm just not trying to guess the future... They might roll out tanks. They might even up the fluoride in the water and make everyone more chill. Maybe the leaders will actually cave?

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