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It was a semi-apocalyptic sunset in Edmonton today! Not sure what the smoke is from. I think we're getting a thermal inversion again or something too. The clouds were crazy and the cold almost unbearable. Had to really bundle up!

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Everyone on if you want to be listed on, hit Edit Profile and tick the box!

This QuadrigaCX stuff sounds like a heist to me. Wow.

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In which I go through a bunch of SMS-replacement apps and tell you which is the best
> The fact is, it's climate change, or global warming, that's behind this extreme cold.
Things are getting warmer. That is why you're so cold!

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I just don't think I need to talk about my mental health because a cell phone company told me to.
I think it is important. I just don't like corporate manipulation through virtue signaling.

I think it might be easier to break out of Alcatraz than get the pictures off of an iPhone. 😤

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Here is a shot at almost full eclipse taken with my cell phone camera through the telescope.

Official group photo of the Edmonton No Agenda meetup crew from last night! 👌

The year is 2019 and people are still writing articles about "this" in JavaScript. 😂 🙄

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