I feel so blessed that Nancy Pelosi is praying for me!

Watching @adam on Rogan and it got me thinking that these pharma companies have replaced opioids with vaccines.

CEO of Reuters is on the board of Pfizer and the WEC? How did I miss this one?

I work as the sole Dude Named Ben for the largest homeschooling authority in Alberta, Canada.

If anyone is curious how things work here, or is interested in giving it a try, I can explain and point you to further resources. Just ask!

Turns out I've been spelling out wrong for a while, and as a result I've had a position change.
Seems it is The Great RESET and not The Great REST! I have changed my position and I'm no longer in favour.

@adam and @Johncdvorak

A very good clip for 2nd half of show.

RFK Jr. was interviewed on James Corbett's show about his new book bashing Fauci.

At the end of the interview, Corbett asks RFK Jr about his fathers murder and RFK gives a succinct response.

The segment starts at the 53:00 mark to the 58:00 roughly corbettreport.com/fauci/

here is a clip that I made

If the US and Russia were to team up instead of be enemies the whole world would be at their feet.

Having no borders would really help a lot of corporations out.

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