Genuinely happy that my SPAM box is almost entirely trying to sell me fake N95 masks instead of what it used to be.

Anyone else watching the Freedom 500 tonight?

Is anyone else noticing that their phone's slave tracker (aka Find my Phone) software is draining the battery a lot more since COVID-19 or am I just paranoid? Both my Samsung phone and tablet have received updates to FMP recently.

Saw this on twitter. Watching @adam 's No Agenda Show predictions coming true in real time.

Does anyone know where you can find the actual / original Clinton Body Count list? Does it even exist or has it been wiped off the internet?
It's amazing. Just replace cold with hit and it is exactly the same today!

Wife told me to take the spider out instead of killing it... We had some drinks, cool guy, wants to be a web developer.
I get the feeling that someone was checking every couple of minutes.. "Has it been defaced yet? How about now?"

They're actually singing "hey hey ho ho climate change has got to go"!

So Greta is in Alberta. There are a bunch of protesters near my office (against pipelines, meat, whatever). Rebel Media is driving a truck around with video of her shouting "How dare you!" over and over.
What a show!

Oh man when Moe "nothingburgered" @adam in episode 10 I almost died laughing! 😆

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