If you believe Putin got Trump elected using Facebook ads then there is very little reason for you to not believe this: tabletmag.com/sections/news/ar

@adam the reason people don't want you "representing" the ADOS or Bitcoin "communities" is because they think THEY should be invited on the podcasts not you. Don't take it personally.

Plus you're never coming off as of you're trying to be the new expert face of Bitcoin or ADOS. You seem to be passing yourself off as the guy who knows a little, is learning more as he goes, and sharing everything he learned.
And *your* fans appreciate that!

Does anyone know which is the No Agenda 33 Batman comic series? I'd like to check it out if I could.

Of COURSE they're "rule followers". They have to get the plan from someone higher up because nobody wants to take _the blame_ for thinking for themselves.

Facebook took down Qanon
... Who was on 4chan?

I'd recommend downloading this gem of a video before it is taken down.

The bullshit continues.


I'm seeing a lot of friends posting Tweets and messages implying the only way for a person to become wealthy is by exploiting workers.
I'm worried a thought like that would lead them to become exploiters at some point. More worrying is that we work at the same company and we're TOTALLY NOT exploited there!

Does anyone have a link to the video from those two doctors who got taken down from YouTube? Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi?

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