Wasn't the lab in China, funded partly by the USA?

All terrorism has been linked to the #FBI and/or #BigTech, Christchurch Massacre was from #radicalisation protected by #Cloudflare. A report in 2012 found all #terrorAttacks in approx the decade prior were linked, funded helped by FBI.

The whole #Jan6 thing was to procure a new multi-billion dollar 3-letter agency with even less oversight, and as a #distraction. We wrote #)FediLyrics about it at the time.



Yeah, the lab seems to be funded by American worse-than-nazis (we need a new word. “Vaxxers”? Ehh, that’s just first try, we’ll work on it...).

But that doesn’t excuse the CCP (or CPC, new term, same thing).

They still
- lied for months to the world
- delayed response by months
- planned out how to deliver the most damage to the world
- released propaganda videos of people face planting
- more ...

Their military still oversaw these bioweapon developments, knowingly.


There is a name for these globalists, #corporateFascists is a fair one.

Those commentators who as supposedly "coming home" from China after decades of Chinese exploitation need to be dressed down frankly.

We don't know what news you get but at two distinct times (new years and then again in mid-Jan) #RT were going pretty far with the coverage. Was almost an overload.

We didn't think much of it at the time. Media hype a lot of stuff so you can sort of forgive us/#Trump on that.

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