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OH, more educational data for filling out vaxx cards, thanks forbes.

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"You didn't like following the manual did you?"
"No, it was slavery."

Bad day for the Ghislaine at trial today.

I think Adam mentioned, which looks to require a prescription and they say they won't ship to America.

I just received my 2nd order from

The tracking said the package came from Mumbai India, and went through NY customs. I'm not sure if there's a specific port of entry that's seizing these, OR if they seize individual components, but let it go through in kit form.

For those that had theirs seized, I'm curious to hear what you ordered and from where.

I've completely forgotten moderna and J&J haven't gotten approval yet. and it sounds like pfizer is getting smacked around for their comirnity approval thing.

White countries are the best countries, as spoken by what I assume is a feminazi, by her tone and looks.

"taser taster taser" trial is picking jurors right now.
it's a huge snooze fest right now, but I'm curious to see what the charges and the outcome are.

I haven't seen this posted here,
"loser" by beck parodied/clipped from sleepy and creepy themselves.

Let us hope that today brought one of the final nails in the coffin of establishment mainstream media. Independent media brought the truth to the world, and exposed the M5M as the despicable liars they are. And kudos to @RekietaLaw for the groundbreaking coverage you gave us through all of this.

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