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OH, more educational data for filling out vaxx cards, thanks forbes.

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Climate change

I find it funny the website has 6 "pages" and none of them give any details on what they do.

Alex Stein bringing up the important points

my body my choice
abortions or shot mandates?

it sounded like this was in yulee florida. anyone with boots on the ground there?

Why do I feel like that's not the only stance she has no clue that the church has?

So can you cross state lines or not?
I've lost track of what's acceptable or not.

I kind of hate jumping on the bandwagon, but someone had to try this one.

I feel like this idiot should have taught her daughter that a LONG time ago.

Thank you brave search.
but I don't need your sarcasm, I'm looking for electric wheel chair parts.

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