@wdelaet it’s actually not the first time the game replaced cash with a credit card machine, but it’ll be interesting to see if it sells any better than the one from 10 years ago. @adam

I just saw an ad for the board game monopoly on YouTube.
It now has a toy ATM machine / credit card swipe thingy and a bank card.
I couldn’t tell if it still has cash.

Gotta get them young!!

Does anyone know whether Jo Jorgensen clarified her comments about needing to be anti-racist? It sounded like she bought into BLM talking points, and if she's going to promote that sort of thing, I'm taking my vote elsewhere

I've always remembered it as Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, no idea what's canonical
@CSB @SirSpencer @Economic_Hitman

Hose jockeys (no offense intended) responding to non violent mental health crisis 911 calls in SF.


Cue the first death fireman in ... 3..2..1

No second debate? Well fuck... I still don’t know who I am going to vote for!

(The preceding was sarcasm, in the morning)

Are you sick of the swamp and don't want to be berated for not voting?

Send a tiny message of support to one of the third parties, maybe. At least one of them doesn't look like they will die in office.


@wdelaet @Malarkey33

Let me tryout my closer on you:

"This year has been difficult for everyone. We have a school budget of $80M. $80M seems like more than enough to figure out some way to effectively educate our students in the worst of times. If you can no longer deliver on your end of the bargain out of fear or politics, please resign. Otherwise, get our students back in school. Thank you."

How can anyone continue to live in California. Now you are supposed to put on your mask while you chew....WTF


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