@Sir_Fromgar @jazzilla
Nah because occasionally I go to shows up in shittsburgh and I don't want to be required to use a passport to do so lol

@neanderthalsnavel Not gona lie I'm a little envious of these migrants. All those prime GILFs up there for them to choose from. smh..

@Homerbag "Most of the unions have reportedly agreed to tentative agreements. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the SMART Transportation Division, however, continue to push for more than was recommended by Biden’s PEB which they say, “got it wrong.”"

So it's two of the unions holding this all up at this point?
This site seems to have a good brief description of what's happening:

@Homerbag I can't find any details on what bidens negotiators are offering or proposing at all. People are just praising the admin for reaching a deal while not detailing anything about it.

Well Titter is saying that some deal was reached that's at least going to get shit moving but that could be total bullshit. It looks like it is to me at least because it's claiming victory for biden and sec marty walsh, as if they performed some miracle. I bet they're hoping this is just going to go away. Here's another good thread, I'm just browsing through the hashtag

@Homerbag I'd like to read the "GOP Bill" that I keep seeing being mentioned so I can see what was being offered or not. Twatter seems to be alluding that "republicans" wanted to forced railworkers back to work without granting any of their requests. Others are saying it's the other way around; that the bill WAS offering what workers wanted but "democrats" rejected the bill. Can't believe a single fuckin' word of this shit.

Ok. Twitter is saying a tentative agreement was reached that will keep trains running for now. From what I can gather in the comments; this is about sick leave? I'd like to know what the demands and what was conceded to.

I wonder if it'll be similar to buying a used or "refurbished" laptop or desktop PC.

@mrman If I remember correctly this was explained as; Bush was describing details that a detained terrorist gave government officials in which it was described a plane would be hi-jacked and fitted with explosives. It of course doesn't make any fucking sense, though.

@Homerbag I saw posts about this but didn't bother reading due to happening fatigue. Can I get a QRD? Is it actually happening this time?

@jazzilla They should have also added the ball going into a windmill, out the other side, bouncing off two fat women wrestling in KY jelly, through a massive rube-goldberg, rim a volcano and then finally into the hole.

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