So you can't call someone a "spaz" because someone with parkinsons or something might get offended. That's what this stupid beyonce song bullshit is about.. she had to change the word "spaz" because it's "ableist" and hurts people who have literal spasms' feelings.. holy FUCKING shit I want this ride to end...

@wcarlson iMessage I wrote to my older brother today. The family has been calling him Spaz since 1979 when meatballs came out. Why call him that, simple he's a spaz, even at age 59.

@SirSeanofSlovakia My siblings and I called each other spaz since I was born as well. I realize a lot of things we say in gest have been outlawed and it's a bit late to be annoyed by this shit but god damn spaz just really takes the cake.

@wcarlson I'll stop the world and spaz with you... What, wasn't that a hit in the '80s? Cm'on man.

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