Just in case there was still any question, this is quite clearly a man.


So you can't call someone a "spaz" because someone with parkinsons or something might get offended. That's what this stupid beyonce song bullshit is about.. she had to change the word "spaz" because it's "ableist" and hurts people who have literal spasms' feelings.. holy FUCKING shit I want this ride to end...

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"The virus is evolving to evade the protection from infection offered by vaccination or recovery from previous illness with Covid and it seems to be more transmissible as well."
Gee, I wonder why?

They're going to tear down supposedly racist highway overpasses and divert traffic into residential streets instead. Then they're going to put money in to "rapid" bus/cycle/foot paths.
How fucking stupid.

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They're going to tear down highways that are "physical barriers in black communities"? Where do they plan to re-locate these highways? At least we're going to finally learn the zip codes of black communities!

"BA.4 and BA.5 were first detected in the U.S. in March, as Fortune previously reported. The variants, discovered in South Africa, quickly took hold in the country in April and May despite the fact that almost all South Africans had been vaccinated or previously had COVID by that point."
Right because, the vaccines turned everyone into walking petry dishes and unleashed new "variants". Since when does a virus mutate to become weaker, but then become stronger a year later?

So now there's new "omicron variants" that "target the lungs" like the "alpha variants". Here we go again.

"Researchers have a rare opportunity to figure out whether behavioral changes like stay-at-home orders, masking and social distancing are responsible for the viral shifts"

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Is show time still 12noon EST? Going to hit my cowokers itm today.

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