The arrogant socialists at the NYT didn't even notice the "attitude" of this headline until some normal person pointed it out. They eventually changed the word "rule" to "govern."

@Johncdvorak @adam I just wanted to say how much it warms my heart to hear all the donations and knowing that you guys made it 13 years and it's still going strong. Love all the support that everyone gives that keeps you guys going and I'm super grateful for it as well!

If you can get this to load it's a high-end confirmation of the thesis put forth by No Agenda regarding tests

Read long thread.

I'd tell you a COVID joke but there is a 99.98% chance you won't get it...

October Surprise Day 2: Remdesivir commercial to follow the Regeneron plug yesterday... Trumpy is at a pharmaceutical Golden Corral buffet... money is gonna be chucked all over the place before it's all said and done wowwie zowwie

Chattanooga doesn't really have an inner city. Downtown isn't really residential. But I will say I was there last weekend it surprised me how many poor black people are in Chattanooga

@adam need to tell Daisy of the left coast on Android to use antenna pod. It's open source uses album art and will allow you to sync your progress and podcast amongst multiple devices

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