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Today is my 1,095th day without booze. I don’t normally count days, but I do go day to day. I drank a six pack of hi-gravity beer and maybe a 22oz bomber every night during the week, and the weekends were 12 packs each night during my peak. Quitting has changed my life for the better in countless ways. Just sharing because I struggled for so long, and reading things like this always helped - it was a goal, a sense of someone else did it, and so can I. TYFYC

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Prosecutors lost the fight to keep these Jan 6th capitol surveillance videos under court seal.

As you can see it was EXACTLY like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined.

The media and Democrats were NOT AT ALL LYING to try to smear Trump and his supporters as White Supremacist Terrorists!


Alexa vs Siri...

Me: "Alexa call me Big Daddy!"

Alexa: "I'd rather not"


Me: "Hey Siri, call me Big Daddy!"

Siri: "Ok, from now on shall call you Big Daddy?"

Me: "yes"

Siri: "OK, Big Daddy it is"

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Isn't that Shepard Fairey, the guy that made the iconic Obama "Hope" poster?

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When people ask me my political affiliation from now on I'm going to tell them I'm "non-binary"

Wow... I was gonna register the domain and forward but I guess... its already a thing?!


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FOIA from the Intercept uncovers grants including one to detect & alter bat corona viruses likely to infect humans.

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The truth wants to come out: Jen Psaki slips and calls it a "Plandemic" youtu.be/VcX6bu2hnSM?t=2302

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Turns corner and randomly sees a drone over Manhattan (The High Line)

Recent Study (8/9/21) that shows Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) is possible with the Delta variant and the relevant antibodies even show a "higher affinity" for delta. This was in vitro, not in vivo, so more studies needed... but def NOT debunked yet


interesting thing I just noticed with - my podcast shows up as 3 versions...

1) the official feed off my URL that is the one I registered with various platforms (spotify, apple, etc)
2) a 2nd feed from my host provider (megaphone - owned by spotify)
3) a 3rd feed by anchor.fm that is missing 30 episodes (also owned by spotify)

This could be inflating the number of podcasts in the index by double or triple facing them.

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We're used to these lies. Who's going to stand up for the truth?

It just occurred to me that the "Great Reset" might just be the Globalist's reaction to Trump, not the pandemic. 🤔

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