Started a thing this week. More of an experiment really. It would be nice to have some encouragement and maybe some thoughts on simple improvements. Please be nice!

I like this video. The lady is mostly right and feels convincing.

Might get banned soon.

Anecdotal I know, but my grandfather (late 70s) told me his doctor did not recommend the "vaccine". He said the doctor's words were, “I have taken both shots. I have family members who are refusing to take it. It’s not a vaccine. The American people are being lied to. It’s not medical. It’s not biological.”

Self-Avowed "Hardcore Leftist" Who Bragged About 'Soros Money' Arrested Over Inauguration Terror Plot

"the criminal complaint claiming he wished death to anyone whose ideology was different from his"

Stay away the 20th! It will be exactly such complete morons causing problems among Trump supporters.

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