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remember Twitter clearly states in the terms of service that you can be shadow-banned...UNLESS you are in the EU.

Happy New Year!


Full-List of bots:

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After receiving a strong dose of diversity administered by disgusting low IQ smelly and unassimilatable #rapefugees from third world #shitholes who were brought in by conniving #jews and fucked up #marxists , the ‘new normal’ for New Years celebrations in the Netherlands involves downplaying death, riots, arson, violent attacks, and where even the torching of an iconic Dutch windmill is barely worth mentioning amid all the other mayhem.

How much of historic Holland needs to go up in flames before the Dutch people have had enough of this experiment in diversity?

They have been cowered into not complaining as their way of life has been irrevocably changed for the worse, and any objections to their own replacement and destruction is considered ‘hate speech’.

It’s hard to imagine, but there are places in Holland that experience violence that even American cities have yet to see, such as daily hand grenade attacks and robberies.

But the Dutch have learned to grin and bear it, pretending that once they get past this difficult ‘adjustment’ period, their new multicultural Holland will become the Marxist Utopia that their overlords keep promising them.


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2020 will be the year of alternative social media like Gab and the Fediverse. Time to stop using Twitter. It's too time consuming, too much of the same, and censorship will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

What Gab needs now is private chat groups.

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Happy new decade, everyone! 2020 is a milestone!

From me over at No Agenda Tech HQ (Home Quarters)

May this new decade bring forward great things to us all.

LIVE on the No Agenda Stream as well: The Sunday Morning Service Ep. #.38! Tune in:

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Today's Sunday Morning Service will be hosted by @darrenoneill! Thanks for jumping in, Darren, so I can visit Latin Mass today! (First time)

The Sunday Morning Pre-No Agenda Service with me at your service! Ready to start at 9am central SHARP so tune in: or tune in on DLive...

Earlier today I met Fureddī Murukerrī in Asakusa! What are the chances??

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"Members of Twitter’s safety council say the company is keeping them in the dark and want to talk to CEO Jack Dorsey, in a letter obtained by WIRED."

Sounds about right. Perhaps Jack needs another mediative retreat to ponder the harm done to the safety council? 🤔

Jack is no Svengali of the business world. Just another clueless CEO.

Going LIVE with the Mark and George show episode #25! Tune in now:

Harry made a donation via, thanks Harry! It will go a long way!

Also trying out the webcam again: hope it will work this time!

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