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The Void Zero can also be found as an audio podcast on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Spotify, and of course on my own website where I also make the occasional blogpost.

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I am going to stream the Tuesday shows live on DLive: and upload them to my YouTube channel afterwards, because DLive only has one week of video retention.

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First time I've recorded my Tuesday show on video. Special guest: @SirBemrose! The Void Zero episode 32 is now downloadable:

curl -s -L https://t\.co/oQxLRQ2KhP | grep -o -P '(?<=<meta property="og:description" content="β€œ).*(?=”">)' # GET the tweet, the full tweet and nothing but the tweet.
This uses Perl regex lookahead/behind regex black magic.

The voidzero remote studio! The bad connection seems to be because Internet is shared between neighbours. So the upload speed is just shit. And in a remote area so 4G isn't all that either... Argh.

Hear ye, hear ye, creative audio producers! I am looking for people who can make station sweepers/IDs, audio memes, audio satire, powerful clips that kick the mainstream narratives in the teeth... and high energy content. For the No Agenda Stream, and for my own show! Contact me!

The Mark and George Show is LIVE now! Tune in to listen your weekly antidepressant and get purple pilled!

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