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When Gab joins Mastodon, noagendasocial and Gab will become instantly connected. Pretty damn sweet!

The really weird thing is that the regular mAirList playlist does work. It's just the cartwall acting funny.

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Studio update. So I bought a MOTU Ultralite Mk4, same as Adam.

Setup did not go smooth at all, but after much trial and error and a couple of factory resets and even 2 firmware reinstalls, I have almost everything working. We are now Β± 9 hours later.

The one thing I can't get to work is the mAirList cartwall. It does not load files: bass error 6 invalid sample rate. Unless I can find a way to fix this, tomorrow's show will use my old and trusted analog hardware.

Google is moving forward with their plan to block ad-blocker extensions using manifest v3. [Ridiculous move on their part with chromium Edge about to come out.]

So I looked further into pre-emptively blocking Gab and it's something that was just surreptitiously added to the release commit for version 2.3.1. No issue for it, no commit describing adding the block, just slipped in the commit and pushed out.

Here's the clip from Soph ([email protected]) I played on the No Agenda Stream today, about Greta and the climate hoax:

I AM LIVE on the No Agenda Radio Stream. Tune in now and let's get prepared for episode 1141 with some nice music and entertainment!

Tune in now:

Adjust your calendar, your schedule, or your clocks! The Mark and George Show starts one hour earlier today, at:

11 am PDT
1 pm CDT
2 pm EDT
6 pm UTC
8 pm CEST

On the No Agenda Stream!

Do we have programmers here who know functional programming languages?

I'd like to look at our No Agenda Liquidsoap code and improve it with someone who is good at this stuff.

Been pushing out updates for No Agenda stuff like crazy!

Everything updated - even the stream software. We're now running liquidsoap v1.3.3-2 on Debian Buster... wooooo

there are now terminals that are RAM-intensive

thanks node.js devs

All servers updated. Time look into how we can expand the stream.

Maybe relabel/sublabel it as No Agenda Radio.

Going to check out other software for stream automation too.

And I want to grow our audience.

So much to do... exciting!

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